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Premium class

Dining / Drink

Delicious, high-quality food to surprise and

delight you in our Premium Class cabin.

The Premium Kitchen

Culinary Hospitality in Our Sky Restaurant

Savor Seasonal Dishes that Have Been Carefully and Passionately Created by Our Chefs to Delight Your Senses

Food Menu for Each Route

Drink Menu

ANA Executive Chef
Makoto Shimizu
As part of its commitment to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), ANA has replaced the disposable plastic containers and cutlery that previously accompanied in-flight meals with environmentally-friendly alternatives. Keeping SDGs in mind, we are now serving new breakfast options that feature sandwiches as well as new lunch/dinner options that fuse Japanese and Western cuisine and showcase ingredients from all corners of Japan. We invite you to fly with ANA and enjoy a feast for both the eyes and taste buds.

ANA Japanese Cuisine Head Chef
Seigou Mori
Taking inspiration from Japan’s four seasons and various annual events, I strive to develop menus that embody the changing of its seasons as well as its buoyant calendar and rich culture. I also employ seasonal ingredients to create aesthetically pleasing and vivid dishes for lunch and dinner. Visit ANA’s restaurant in the skies to enjoy cuisine lovingly crafted by chefs from all around Japan.

ANA Western Cuisine Head Chef
Shingo Yamada
On Japan domestic flights, the meals available depend on the departure time, with different options being served for breakfast and lunch/dinner. Our menu offerings have been changed to better cater to our customers’ needs and provide a more enjoyable dining experience. More specifically, we now prepare breakfast options with sandwiches as the main element so that customers can use their hands to eat their meal and finish it in no time. We have also revamped our existing Japanese meal options to include ingredients typically seen in Western cuisine. These in-flight meals are made by a large team of people at ANA who picture the joy on customers’ faces as they eat. Savor these meals on board our flights while imagining the passion that goes into making them.

ANA Pastry Chef
Noriaki Aida
During breakfast (on some routes departing from Haneda), we serve desserts containing fruit and seasonal ingredients. Enjoy velvety-smooth desserts with a variety of nutrients to give your day a healthy boost. ANA Original refreshments are also served during lunch and dinner (on some routes). Unwind and enjoy our in-flight meals and treats.

Meals Based on Departure Time of the Flight

Time Zone
Premium meal
Premium meal
Premium meal
Premium meal
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    Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

Environmentally-Friendly Containers

As part of the ANA Future Promise, we now use re-usable tableware as well as disposable containers and other items made of environmentally-friendly materials for Premium Class meals.

Japanese Sake

"Conrad Tokyo", Assistant F&B Manager
Yasuyuki Kitahara
I have selected the perfect Japanese sakes for each season to pair with ANA’s seasonal cuisine. These world-class sakes complement a range of dishes from around the globe and will add an exquisite highlight to your meal.

Yuki No Bosha Junmai Ginjo


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    We will have one of the three brands above onboard.

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    Please note that the availability of sake brands may vary from the menu choices.


Andaz Tokyo / Hotel Toranomon Hills
Beverage Manager
Satoru Mori
To provide a moment of fun for meals in the premium class, I blended it by paying attention to the difference in grapes, tanks, barrels.

Sparkling Wine
Veuve-Olivier Brut, France

White wine
Famille Perrin - Réserve 2022, France
Grenache blanc / Marsanne / Roussanne / Viognier

Red Wine
Chateau Thieuley - AOC Bordeaux 2021, France
Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon / Petit Verdot

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    The selected Wine brands are subject to change without prior notice.

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    Please note that, due to aircraft changes or changes in the number of resevations, meals may not be available even if you have reserved them.
    In such cases, notification is sent to your email address, SMS and ANA App which you registered upon reservation.
    The airport staff will also notify you on the day of your departure.Thank you for your understanding.

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    On some short-haul flights, refreshments will be served instead of meals.

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    Food and drink services may be suspended depending on flight conditions.

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    For domestic flights, we do not accept requests for special in-flight meals (e.g., allergen-free meals). Thank you for your understanding.

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    Please refrain from taking your meal home with you.

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    In-flight meal menus and drink brands are may be changed without prior notice.

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    Some hot drinks are served at lower temperatures on board to prevent customers from suffering serious burns.
    We refrain from serving hot drinks to children and to adults holding them.

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    All images are for illustrative purposes.

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