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ANA Fine Dining & Bar

Enjoy cuisine that goes beyond the realm of in-flight dining.

To ANA, a "Connoisseur" is the embodiment of the ultimate host: someone with great knowledge in entertaining your palate.With the professional expertise of master chefs, beverage specialists and ANA chefs, we open new frontiers in the art of dining 30,000 feet in the sky.
Welcome to the finest dining experience, only available on ANA.

Meals Served from March to May 2019 (partial)

Japanese Cuisine ~Washoku~

Gion Nishikawa

This menu was created by Masayoshi Nishikawa, the chef-owner of Gion Nishikawa, a restaurant in Kyoto that serves kaiseki-ryōri, or traditional multi-course Japanese meals. As a side dish, we have seasonal white asparagus boiled lightly in a dried bonito broth. For our main dish, we have sukiyaki with lavish portions of Jinseki beef sirloin steak sourced from Hiroshima Prefecture. Spring flavors and colors are incorporated throughout this course, as seen with the Usui tofu (fresh green peas tofu)and the garland chrysanthemum sauce garnishing boiled dishes.

Applicable routes:Flights from Narita/Haneda to North America/Europe (Except for late-night flights)

Masayoshi Nishikawa

International Cuisine

ANA Original

Here, we have prepared a menu truly suitable for ANA’s First Class passengers, with dishes expertly created using only the finest ingredients. As an appetizer, we have a gateau of seasonal white asparagus and snow crab. For our main dish, we have pan-fried alfonsino served with a sauce created from a dried shrimp-flavored base with various seasonings added. The dishes in this course feature sumptuous tastes combining Western flavors with the essences of Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Applicable routes:Flights from Narita/Haneda to North America/Europe (Except for late-night flights)

ANA Western Chefs


Best Sommelier in the World (2000) Olivier Poussier "Conrad Tokyo" Executive Sommelier Satoru Mori "Conrad Tokyo" , Cerise/Collage Restaurant Manager Yasuyuki Kitahara

ANA Wine Selection

The finest choice of red and white wines produced by top caliber wineries from around the world have been selected to complement our First Class menu.
Savor our modern cuisine with top-class wines and experience the highest quality journey available in the skies.

Light Dishes

We invite you to enjoy light dishes whenever you want. You will find these dishes are a delicious follow-up to alcoholic beverages.

Simmered beef in soy-based ginger sauce

Please enjoy our simmered beef in soy-based ginger sauce, which was prepared by Masayoshi Nishikawa, the chef-owner of Gion Nishikawa who is garnering attention as a leading figure among the next generation of chefs in Kyoto's Gion district.

Routes: Flights from Narita/Haneda to North America/Europe

Masayoshi Nishikawa

Green pea and fresh chèvre cheese ravioli

This dish was created in collaboration with La Grenouillère, a renowned French restaurant currently drawing global attention from connoisseurs of fine cuisine. It features a colorful combination of spinach puree and ravioli. Please enjoy its exquisite combination of the gentle sweetness of green peas and tartness of grapefruit, beautifully presented in an arrangement reflecting the essence of spring.

Routes: Flights from Narita/Haneda to North America/Europe

Rich-tasting miso ramen "Daichi"

No meat is used in producing these noodles. Instead, soybeans are used to create a topping with the texture and flavor of meat, making the ramen even healthier. The noodles used in the dish are also unique, as they are cut into flat strips. Savor the depth and richness of the nostalgic miso flavor.

Routes : Japan - Europe, North America ⇒ Japan

Tonkotsu (pork broth) ramen "Soraton"

Savor this luscious combination of thick broth, extra-thin noodles and fragrant sesame-based oil.

Routes : Flights from Japan to North America

Rice crackers "Arare"

Enjoy the traditional Japanese rice crackers "Arare".
(Vegetarian and halal-certified, gluten-free)

Special Beverages on board

Selected beverages are available on board to accompany the dishes. Sit back and relax with the following carefully selected beverages.


■ Champagne Charles Heidsieck Brut Millesime 2006 (Champagne, France)

The aromas and taste of this vintage cuvee are very loyal to the style and patina of this venerable Champagne firm. The influence of the 2006 solar year gives the vintage the full richness of Pinot Noir on the attack and mid-palate. The Chardonnay endows good tension and finesse
Pinot Noir / Chardonnay

Period: December 2018 to May 2019
Routes: First Class on all routes


■ Chateau Leoville Barton 2012
Saint-Julien, Bordeaux, France

The 2nd Grand Cru Classe produced one of the best Saint-Julien in 2012. A deep,
cedar-wood, cassis and graphite flavored wine, with firm but fine-grained tannins, lifted by the acidity. Lingering finish. An excellent “claret”.
Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Cabernet Franc

Period: March to May 2019
Routes: First Class on Europe routes

■ rindo 2014
Napa Valley, California, U.S.A.

The flagship red Bordeaux blend from Napa’s Kenzo Estate. Made from an alluring medley of quality grapes harvested in 2014-the prominent vintage in Napa Valley history.
Brilliant dark red in appearance, this charming wine exudes bouquets of ripened fruit alongside good depth and delicate smoothness.
Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Petit Verdot / Cabernet Franc / Malbec

Period: April to May 2019
Routes: First Class on U.S.A. routes

■ Anayon Macabeo 2016
Carinena, Spain

Very limited production of this excellent Macabeo is produced in 2016 with the grape sourced in the region of Carinena, in the province of Zaragoza. The wine displays honey, acacia and smoky flavors. On the palate, the wine is broad, with butterscotch and white fruit aromas and a zesty lift. A wine combining texture and vivaciousness.

Period: March to May 2019
Routes: First Class on Europe routes

■ Nielson by Byron Santa Barbara County Chardonnay 2015
Santa Barbara, California, USA

A Chardonnay produced with grapes sourced from the Santa Maria Valley, the coolest part of Santa Barbara County. A honeyed and stone fruit flavored wine, with lively acidity balancing the creamy texture. Stone fruit and tangerine aromas. A round Chardonnay, richly fruited with a citrus lift on the finish.

Period: March to May 2019
Routes: First Class on U.S.A. routes

Fortified wine available only on Europe routes

■ Graham’s 30 Years Old Tawny Port
Douro, Portugal

Graham’s Ports are among the cultural gems of Portugal. Established in 1820, Graham’s continues to be made traditionally in granite tanks, under the aegis of the established Symington family. Flavors of liquorice, dark currants and leather spread across a smooth palate, lifted by bright acidity. Try it as an aperitif, or with cheese after a meal.

Period: March to May 2019
Routes: First Class on Europe and North America routes

Japanese sake

■ Jikon Junmai Daiginjo
Kiyasho Shuzo (Mie) 16% ABV

Jikon—“truly living in the moment” in Japanese—is crafted at a Mie brewery that has insisted on quality for two centuries. The main brewery building is a designated Tangible Cultural Property of Japan. Bright citrus aromas bring together acidity and sweetness. Fresh and juicy, with a clean finish.

Period: March to May 2019
Routes: First Class on Europe and North America routes

■ KID Junmai Daiginjo Sparkling
Heiwa Shuzou Co., Ltd. (Wakayama) 14% ABV

A dynamic crew of brewers mostly in their thirties seek perfection in Wakayama Prefecture. Their aptly named “KID,” an effervescent liquor steeped in Japanese junmai daiginjo-making techniques, has the world in awe. Subtle flavors, with a gentle sweetness that mingles with pleasant bubbling.

Period: March to May 2019
Routes: First Class on Europe and North America routes

■ Daishichi Junmai Daiginjo Minowamon
Daishichi Shuzo (Fukushima) 15% ABV

Elegant aromas with a gentle, mellow texture and long, layered finish. This robust sake is brewed by the traditional Kimoto method using the super-flat rice polishing technique from Daishichi (founded in 1752) to purify the rice flavor to its essence. An underlying richness amplifies the clean taste.

Period: March to May 2019
Routes: First Class on Europe and North America routes


ANA serves matcha to First Class passengers. Enjoy Japanese tea culture even on board.


■ANA Specialty Coffee

Single origin coffee using only coffee beans produced on a Nueva Granada farm in Guatemala, a Rainforest Alliance Certified* coffee farm.  Every cup comes with captivating aromas, mild acidity, polished bitterness, a robust body, and a tender aftertaste.
*An international nonprofit organization that stands for biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods

Period:From September 2017
Routes:First Class on all routes

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Special dietary requirements

A wide selection of special meals are available for your children or to meet your specific dietary requirements.