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Information is available here on in-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment options for passengers traveling in Economy Class on ANA international flights.


MY SKY CHANNEL on the official ANA app

Enhance your in-flight entertainment experience with your phone.

The official ANA app now has a new feature called MY SKY CHANNEL. Use this feature to check in-flight contents before boarding and make a list of favorites. You can also synchronize your list of pre-selected favorite contents to the personal monitor by connecting your device on board. After connecting your smartphone to the monitor, you can use it as a remote controller to play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and search for the next content, while enjoying a content on your personal monitor.

  • The official ANA app must be installed before boarding.

  • Unavailable on tablets.

Available Aircraft

Boeing 777-300ER (new 212-seat configuration)

Boeing 787-10

How to Use


The official ANA mobile app must be downloaded before boarding.

Download on the App Store


1. Launch the ANA app and open the sidebar menu

Tap the side menu on the top left corner of the app screen.

2. Start International MY SKY CHANNEL

Tap the menu list "Airport and Inflight services" and tap "International MY SKY CHANNEL" to connect.

3. Create a Favorite List from the list of contents before boarding

Select the contents you want to watch from the list and tap FAVORITE. The selected contents will then be added to Favorites on the bottom right of the app screen.

4. Connect your device to your personal monitor on board

Synchronize your Favorite List to the personal monitor, and use your device as a remote controller to enjoy the contents.

Recommended Optional Services
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