Fare ​[Domestic Japan Flights]

There are various fares for Japan domestic flights that can be used in various situations.

Book Now!Fares discounted by how early you make your reservations!

After you have decided on your destination, first check for your desired flight!

Peace of mind even if it is not a direct flight!Convenient and discounted transfer fares!

Special fares for same-day reservations, not just for early reservations!

Luxurious Premium Class is even more within reach!

If you reserve early, we offer special fares for the pinnacle of our domestic services!

Premium Flex Fare

For other Premium Class fare types, see here.

We offer reliable support for sudden business trips and last-minute reservations!

Special fares for same-day reservations and changeable fares, and for tickets purchased up to three days before (or the day before) the departure date!

Freely arrange travel to suit your scenario!

OK even for same-day purchase/changes!Special discounts for outbound and inbound travel!

Special fares when there is same-day seat availability!Use your miles for family travel!

Want to travel? Do it with ANA! Special discount fares available for certain age groups! Pay for a variety of fares using your miles!

Using miles

AMC Companion Fare

  • *There may be no set fares during peak seasons.
  • *There is limited availability for discounted fares depending on the flight (some flights may not any seats reserved for discounts).
  • *Please see the Value X Fare page(*Japanese) for details on the sales period.

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Search for fares based on routes. (Past fares can also be searched)

Fare Information and Changes to Japan Domestic Flights

Information about changes or additional seats for fares.

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