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How to Request This Service

If you have a disability caused by a severe allergy to peanuts, another nut variety, sesame seeds, an animal, etc., you can make a request for an allergy buffer zone to be established around you in order to avoid the risk of exposure to the relevant allergen as much as possible. Upon receiving your request, we will confirm the details of your allergy as well as any further requests you may have, and then take the steps below.

  • We will use special cleaning techniques to clean*2 your scheduled seat and the other seats in the same bank of seats*1 as yours.

  • We will notify the other passengers sitting in the same bank of seats*1 as you that a passenger with a severe allergy is present and inform them of the allergen.

  • If possible, we will make arrangements to seat you away from seats where the allergen will be present.

  • If you would like to clean the area around your seat by yourself to remove the allergen, we will invite you to board the aircraft before the other passengers.

  • * 1

    A bank of seats means passenger seats that are immediately adjacent to each other and does not include passenger seats that are across the aisle.

  • * 2

    Although we will do our very best to clean the area around your seat by vacuuming dust, changing the items in seat pockets for new ones, etc., we will not be able to remove substances floating around in the air or allergens stuck to the seats. Furthermore, we may not be able to provide you with an allergy buffer zone if you change your seat after requesting an allergy buffer zone, if there is a change of aircraft, etc.

While we will make every effort to eliminate allergens so that passengers with allergies can fly safely and with peace of mind, it is not possible to completely remove allergens in the cabin environment or those brought on board by other passengers. Passengers with severe allergies are therefore kindly asked to bring the necessary preventive items such as a protective mask, prescription medicine, or an injector (EpiPen).


If you wish to apply for the Allergy Buffer Zone, please call ANA by phone after booking your flight and at least 48 hours before departure.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the ANA Disability Desk.