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Customers with Walking Disabilities

This page provides information about borrowing and checking in wheelchairs as well as mobility assistance.

Japan Domestic Flights
International Flights

The icons named Japan Domestic or International indicate differences in service for Japan domestic and international flights. Content not marked with an icon applies to both, Japan domestic and international flights.


Please feel free to inform us if you need any assistance at the airport or on board the aircraft.
If you have a connecting flight we will also help you to move within the terminal to your next flight. Please let us know in advance if you have a connecting flight to ensure a smooth transfer.

Details about the Customer’s Walking Impairment

To help us assist you at the airport and inside the cabin, please contact the ANA Disability Desk and use the "For Customer with Wheelchair - Check List" to inform us of your current walking ability and wheelchair usage.

  • Able to walk in the cabin, able to ascend and descend stairs, but unable to walk a long distance (need a wheelchair in the airport)

  • Able to walk in the cabin, but unable to ascend and descend stairs (need wheelchair access to the aircraft door)

  • Unable to walk without assistance (need wheelchair assistance inside the aircraft, maneuvering in/out of seats)

  • We will assist you with ascending or descending stairs and moving inside the cabin.

    We will also assist you when stairs are used for boarding to smaller aircraft or depending on the airport facilities. Please let us know the kind of assistance you need.

  • Support belts and assist seats are available for customers who have difficulty in maintaining an upright sitting position.

  • Use of a stretcher is available for customers who are unable to sit upright in an aircraft seat.

Check-in of Personal Wheelchairs

As a general rule, you can check in your wheelchair and other similar assistive devices for disabled passenger's own use are accepted for free and are not included into the free Baggage allowance as your checked baggage at the airport counter. ANA staff or airport agent will take you to the aircraft with an airport wheelchair.
Upon your request, you can also use your own wheelchair close to the door of the aircraft. However, please understand that some airport facilities are not allowed to use your own wheelchair due to set conditions.

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Items to Check

  • Manual or electric wheelchair

  • Foldable or non-foldable

  • Size (length, width, height)

  • Weight

  • Battery Type (for electric wheelchairs)

  • Customers checking in a manual, foldable wheelchair can make an application online to do so after completing their reservation. In this instance, you should register your support information on the Reservation Confirmation screen.

  • Customers who are going to participate in sport competitions can also check in their sports wheelchair free of charge. If depending on the aircraft type, loading in the cargo department is not possible due to the size of the wheelchair, you may be asked to send it separately.

Protective Cases and Covers for Wheelchairs

We will handle your wheelchair with the utmost care and place it into or under one of our ANA original protective cases or covers.

  • This service cannot be reserved in advance.

  • This service is available for manual, foldable wheelchairs only.

  • Please note that this service may not be available depending on the number of covers remaining and the shape of the wheelchair.

  • This service is available for ANA-operated flights only.

Check-in of Non-foldable (Manual/Electric) Wheelchairs

If your wheelchair is non-foldable (manual/electric), please provide us with information about the size (length, width, height) and weight.
To make sure that reclining wheelchairs can be loaded into the cargo compartment, we ask customers with such wheelchairs to measure length1 and height1 as well as length2 and height2.


Wheelchairs of a certain size may not be checked in as cargo space varies depending on the aircraft. We may accept your wheelchair if height and size are adjustable by removing the headrest and/or footrest or by reclining. Please see below for cargo compartment size by aircraft type.

In the case of a reclining wheelchair, length1 and height1 mean the overall length and height of the wheelchair.Length2 and height2 mean the overall length and height of the wheelchair when reclined.

Cargo Compartment Size (Average)

  • The symbol "-" indicates that there are no restrictions.

Aircraft Types Height Depth Width
773/772/789/78P/76P 149cm 140cm 142cm
321/320 92cm 140cm 143cm
738/73P/73X 85cm - 121cm
Q4A 149cm - 127cm
  • When operated by small size aircrafts operation(A321/320, 738/73P/73X, Q4A), loading may not be possible due to limited ceiling height of cargo compartment even if the items meet the specification stupulated size.

  • As it may not be possible to load heavy electric wheelchairs or sport wheelchairs on aircraft depending on aircraft type and airport facilities, please contact the ANA Disability Desk in advance.

  • Please contact the manufacturer for the durability of your wheelchair.

Electric Wheelchair Batteries

The counter staff at the departure airport will check the battery. Please check with your wheelchair manufacturer if you are not sure which kind of battery is attached. If the wheelchair battery cannot be easily identified visually, please bring the operation manual or any document that allows identification of the battery type.


Depending on the battery type, different restrictions will apply for quantity and power consumption (Wh rating). For further details, please see Spare Electric Wheelchair Batteries.


  • Due to the request of Dangerous Goods regulation of IATA, it’s regulated since JAN,1,2021 to qualified individuals with disabilities using battery-drive wheelchairs that the customers should self-identify the type of battery equipped to the wheelchair.

Passengers using electric wheelchairs will have their battery details confirmed at the airport.Customers checking in electric wheelchairs of the following manufacturers are advised to visit the Association's website for wheelchair check-in procedures (Japanese Only).



  • Sunrise Medical Japan Co.,Ltd.

  • SHOWA BOEKI CO., LTD. (Products of INVACARE and C.T.M.)

  • Sewa International Gk



  • Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.




  • Kubota Corporation



  • Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.


  • The above pages are produced 電動車いす安全普及協会(No English name), Japan Association of Wheelchair and Seating, and various manufacturers. For details on the handling of batteries, please contact the respective manufacturers.

Seat Preferences

Some aisle seats have movable armrests for easy seating. Please inform us if you prefer a seat with a movable armrest, since not all aisle seats have movable armrests. We also accept requests for seats close to the lavatory or other seat preferences.
However, we may not be able to accommodate your request depending on seat availability.
Please note that for safety reasons emergency exit row seats are not available for customers who need assistance.

  • Your assigned seat may be changed without prior notice due to changes in aircraft type and other unavoidable reasons.

  • Some Japan domestic fares are not eligible for online advance seat reservation.


If any of the following applies to you, you are requested to have an escort ride in the seat next to you.

  • Those who are unable to properly understand the safety instructions given by our staff.

  • Those who are unable to take care of their own personal care *.

  • Personal care" means
    Eating, drinking, use of restrooms (including putting on and taking off clothes), etc.


An escort is required to provide assistance at the airport, during boarding, during the flight, during disembarkation, and in case of emergency evacuation.

Cabin attendants are not able to provide assistance with personal care, please make sure to have an escort to assist you.

You are requested to provide your own supplies for assistance.

  • For some aircraft models, passengers who have difficulty in traveling alone may not be able to board without an escort, please inquire in advance.

Codeshare flights

International Flights

For codeshare flights operated by our partner airlines, the regulations of the relevant partner airline will apply. Special assistance on such flights may differ from that offered by ANA. For details, please contact the partner airline operating the flight directly.

Traveling with Mobility Assistance Dogs

For further information, please refer to Customers with Assistance Dogs.


Check-in and Borrowing of Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are available to borrow at all airports. Please check in your personal wheelchair at the check-in counter.
We will meet you at the check-in counter, and take you in a wheelchair all the way to your seat on the aircraft. Please refer to Service Equipment (Airport Wheelchair) for more details.
Some airports offer large wheelchairs and reclining wheelchairs.

International Flights
  • On ANA-operated international flights, we can accept one manually operated, foldable wheelchair per flight to be carried on board.

  • Please note that some aircraft may not be able to accommodate storage of the wheelchair on board due to space limitations.

As ANA wheelchairs are not available at the airport drop-off area, please have an accompanying person notify the ANA staff at the counter that you will require a wheelchair.

At some airports, the airport building or airport management company provide assistive services to meet customers at the drop-off area with a wheelchair.

Please inquire at the airport information desk of the departure airport.

Security Checks

For safety reasons, all customers must undergo the security checks. Please note that the security check may involve contact inspection.

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Mobility Assistance

We will assist you with ascending or descending stairs and moving inside the cabin.


To assist our customers in boarding, some airports are equipped with special boarding access facilities such as passenger boarding lifts, wheelchair stair lifts, assisted stretchers, boarding ramps, and scalamobils. Please refer to Service Equipment for more details. Please also confirm the points to note when making a reservation.

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Pre-boarding Service

Pre-boarding service is available for passengers who need assistance.
If you wish to use the pre-boarding service, please inform the staff at the boarding gate. Once the aircraft preparations have been completed, you will be allowed to board first. Please note that depending on the flight status, this service may not be available.

Approximate Time of Arrival to the Airport

Please arrive early at the airport in order to allow enough time for necessary procedures.
If you wish to check in an electric wheelchair or a non-foldable wheelchair, please note that these may be visually checked at the check-in counter.

Japan Domestic Flights

60 minutes prior to the departure time

International Flights

120 minutes prior to the departure time

On Board

Seating Position at Takeoff and Landing

During takeoff and landing, all customers must keep their seats in an upright position and fasten their seat belts.
We provide Devices to Help Maintain a Sitting Position to customers who have difficulty in keeping a seated position.

Cabin Wheelchair

Cabin wheelchairs are available for use on board. Please ask a cabin attendant if needed.

Cabin Wheelchair Accessible Lavatory

Some aircraft are equipped with a cabin wheelchair accessible lavatory. Please ask cabin attendant for assist to/from the lavatory when needed. Assistance is not provided inside the lavatory.

Canes and Crutches

Canes and crutches can be carried on board (except for those with sharp tips).
Please store the cane horizontally under the seat in front of you. Depending on the shape of the cane and the conditions around the seat, it may be stored in the overhead storage or kept by the cabin attendant.


For crutches, the cabin attendant will keep it for you.



Furthermore, a leg support stand is lent free of charge to customers who have difficulties in sitting with their feet on the floor due to reasons such as illness, a fracture, or disability.


If you have requested assistance for disembarkation, please remain seated until our staff comes to your seat to escort you off the aircraft. Our staff will escort you by an airport wheelchair to the arrival lobby or to the person who will meet. Please feel free to ask for assistance.


If you have checked in a wheelchair before departure, it will be returned to you at the baggage claim and our staff will assist you to your wheelchair.


If you decided to check in your wheel chair close to the door of the aircraft, it will be basically returned to you at the door of aircraft, or can be returned at the baggage claim area of the arrival airport as your request.

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Frequently asked questions about Customers with Walking Disabilities

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If you have any questions or concerns please contact the ANA Disability Desk.