Involuntary Changes due to ANA's responsibilities such as aircraft maintenance (ANA Flight Transfer)

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by ANA's responsibilities.

  • *The details and process for customers using "Flight Awards," "ANA@desk Flight Tickets," "International Flight Tickets," "Package Tours," or "Group Tours" differ, so please seehere.
  • *You can also change the route of your reserved flight. ANA will pay for charges incurred by changes (transportation, accommodation) within the authorized range.
    Please consult theANA Domestic reservation/information center.

Service Charges and Change Period

Point 1

There is no service charge for changes.
Changes can be made with the flight ticket you have.

Point 2

Make changes within 10 days of the departure date of your scheduled flight.

Point 3

Changes can be made to flights with available seats within 30 days of the departure date of your scheduled flight.

Service Charges and Change Period Chart

Fares Allowing Changes

  • You can also change it to an Open Ticket and use it on a later date.
  • ・Tickets with a long validity can be used until the date expires.

Fares Not Allowing Changes

  • ・Changes can be made up to one time.
  • *If the changed flight is delayed or canceled, you may make another reservation change.
    (Fares not allowing changes: Premium Basic Fare/Premium Value Fare/Basic Fare/Transit Basic 7 Fare/Value Fare/Transit Value 28 Fare, etc.)

  • *When outbound flights are cancelled, you may change your returning and connecting flights.Please make the changes when you change your outbound flight.

[Convenient] Making changes on the ANA Website and Mobile Site

Changes can be made on the ANA Website and Mobile Site

  • *Processing may not be possible in some cases depending on the ticket type, payment method, and purchasing location.
  • *If reservation records do not match, inbound flights cannot be changed for outbound flight cancellations.Please contactthe ANA Domestic reservation/information center.

When boarding...
Customers that have reserved seats may use the SKiP service.Proceed directly to the security checkpoint on the date of boarding.

  • *If a refund is to be paid due to a difference in fare (or miles) for the flight, you must acquire a new 2D barcode after the change.(Your current 2D barcode is invalid.)
  • *Customers who have not reserved a seat should complete boarding procedures at an automated check-in machine.

Procedures for services other than the ANA Website and Mobile Site

【Procedure via Phone】
Call the ANA Domestic reservation/information center.

【Procedure at the Airport】
Visit the ANA Domestic Airport Counter.

Note that the content and procedures differ for the following tickets!

*Changes to a departing flight on the same day as your reservation will be handled at the airport counter.

Flight Awards

[Handling Location]

ANA@desk flight ticket (e-Ticket issued at ANA@desk)

[Handling Location]

International Flight Ticket [Domestic Flight Ticket bought as a transfer from(or to) an International Route]

[Handling Location]

Package Tour

[Handling Location]

  • ANA Website
    Change Eligibility: Between 2days before and one day after scheduled departure date
    Boarding Eligibility: Between one day before and one day after scheduled departure date
  • ・Consult with the travel company where you made the purchase.
    *Details are as below

ANA Package Tour
Eligible Product: Sky Holiday/Tabisaku/WEB only tour/ANA Ikyu Pack
Please contact ANA internet tour desk.
・Customers registered through a travel agency should contact the travel agency.

ANA Raku Pack
Contact the Rakuten Travel Call Center as mentioned in the reservation confirmation e-mail.

ANA Jalan Pack
Contact the ANA Jalan Pack Operation Center as mentioned in the reservation confirmation e-mail.

Other Package Tours
Consult with the travel agency you purchased it from.

Group Tours

[Handling Location]

  • ・Consult with the travel company where you made the purchase.

To customers who have paid charges temporarily when transferring flights

If the transferred flight departs the day after the original flight, and costs are incurred for transportation and/or accommodation, ANA will reimburse customers for costs paid for temporarily within the authorized range.For more details, see "Reservation change due to equipment malfunction (accumulated charges)."