Transfer due to equipment malfunction, etc.[International]

Transfer Procedure

STEP 1 Confirm the applicable ticket(s)

  • ・An international flight ticket issued by ANA, which was booked for the applicable delayed/canceled ANA flight* ( flight tickets with a ticket number beginning 205 )
  • ・An EMD issued for ancillary services for delayed or canceled ANA flights (EMD numbers starting with 205).
  • *Includes Japan domestic segments for which tickets were issued as part of an international itinerary.

STEP 2 Transfer to a New Flight

  • ・We will transfer you to the earliest applicable ANA Group flight with seat availability.
  • ・In the event that after transferring the booked flight, the fare, tax or fees/charges etc. are higher than the time of purchase, we will not ask you to pay the difference.
  • ・If you have applied for ancillary services for the applicable delayed/cancelled ANA flight, we will do what we can to transfer you onto an equivalent flight with the said services available. Please note that you may in some cases be transferred onto a flight where the service you applied for is not available.
  Applicable ANA Group Flights
International Flights ANA, Air Japan operated flights
Japan Domestic Flights Flights operated by ANA and ANA WINGS, as well as code shares operated by AIR DO, IBEX Airlines, Solaseed Air, Star Flyer and Oriental Air Bridge

Locations Accepting Booking Transfers

Please contact ANA by phone.
* Procedures may be possible on the ANA website.

* Customers who made their purchase through a travel agency or other airlines should contact the relevant agency or other airlines.