Checked Baggage [Japan Domestic Flights]

Baggage which is not permitted to be carried on board must be checked in at an ANA baggage check-in counter in the departure lobby.

Points to Note for Each Type of Baggage

How to check in baggage

Items not being taken on board should be checked in at the baggage counter in the departures lobby no later than 20 minutes prior to departure. (Please note that you may be unable to board your flight if you check in your baggage after this point.)

[Note] Please complete the procedures as early as possible so that you can pass through security at least 15 minutes (Haneda Airport: 20 minutes) prior to the departure time.
(Airports can be particularly crowded during holiday periods such as the summer holidays, the year-end/New Year period, and Golden Week. Customers travelling during such periods are advised to check in their baggage at least 40 minutes prior to departure.)

1.[Check-in at the Baggage Drop-off counter]

Please show the 2D barcode located on your E-ticket receipt, ANA Mileage Club Card, or OSAIFU-KEITAI (digital wallet). You can use SKiP Service even if you have baggage to check-in. See "Domestic boarding style: SKiP Service" for information about SKiP Service. Passengers who have connecting flights can check in their baggage. Baggage checked in for connecting flights will be routed up to 3 sectors.


2.[Receiving Baggage claim tag]

Upon receiving the "baggage claim tag",please keep it in your possession until baggage pick-up at the place of arrival.

Image of Baggage claim tag

Receiving Baggage claim tag issued at a ANA counter

Image of Baggage claim tag

Receiving Baggage claim tag issued at ANA BAGGAGE DROP(Haneda Airport, New Chitose airport, Fukuoka airport)

Items to Note when Picking Up Your Baggage

At the destination, pick up your baggage by making sure the number on the baggage claim tag received at the time of check-in matches that on the baggage tag. Be sure you collect the correct baggage, as there will be a large quantity of similar shaped items.Please hand your baggage claim tag to a staff at the arrival exit.

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