Airport Check-in

Here you can learn about boarding procedures when checking in using the self-service check-in machine or at the airport counter.

Save yourself the trouble of airport boarding procedures by using our convenient SKiP service.
*Customers who are not eligible for the SKiP service must check in at the airport.

STEP (1) Check-in

Passengers who have not completed reservation/purchase/seat assignment or those who are unable to use the SKiP service must check-in at airport counter. Please use an self service check-in machine located at the airport.

Items to Prepare in Advance

Please bring with you one of the following items at an self service check-in machine and check-in counter.

2D barcode

Image of iPhone e-Ticket receipt

2D barcode obtained on Wallet *1

Image of ANA Mileage Club digital Membership Card

ANA Mileage Club digital Membership Card

Image of e-Ticket receipt

Image of e-Ticket receipt*2

Image of PC version e-Ticket receipt

2D barcode obtained on PC

ANA Mileage Club members can check-in using the following.

Images of ANA card with IC function (Rakuten Edy, Suica, PASMO) or ANA Mileage Club Edy card

ANA card with IC function (Rakuten Edy*3, Suica*4, PASMO*5) or ANA Mileage Club Edy card



Important Notes

*Customers with multiple ANA Cards with IC function and/or ANA Mileage Club Edy Cards should use the card registered upon ticket purchase.

Confirmation Number/Reservation Number

Confirmation number/reservation number
If you do not have either of these numbers Flight Ticket/ANA e-Ticket Information

  • *1 "Wallet" are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and other countries.
    ・Customers using devices installed with iOS 9.0 or above can use the Wallet app.
    ・On devices installed with iOS 6.0 to 8.4.1, you can use the Passbook app.
    ・Wallet cannot be used on the iPad.
    ・Wallet is not available on Android™ devices.
  • *2 An e-Ticket Itinerary Receipt will be issued at the time of ticket purchase. Please see here for further details.
  • *3 "Rakuten Edy" is a pre-paid electric money service provided by Rakuten Group.
  • *4 "Suica" is a service provided by East Japan Railway Company.
  • *5 "PASMO" is a registered trademark of PASMO Company.
  • *6 "OSAIFU-KEITAI®" is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

Passengers who already purchased the flight tickets

Please use an Automated Check-in Machine that is easy and convenient to use.

Passengers who need to pay for flight tickets

Please finish check-in by 20 minutes before departure.

Important Notes

* If you have a connection to an international flight, please come to the counter early as more time will be required than usual to check in.
* Passengers with a connection to an ANA international flight can either check in online or use our self-service check-in machines. For further information, please see Online Check-in or Self-Service Check-in Machines.
* If you need special customer assistance, please arrive at the airport earlier than usual.For details, click here.

STEP (2) Baggage check-in

Customers checking in baggage should do so in person at the baggage drop counter before departure.
Please complete the procedures as early as possible so that you can pass through security at least 20 minutes prior to the departure time.
You may not be able to board your flight if you do not complete these procedures by the specified times.

Up to 20 kg of baggage per passenger (or 40 kg in Premium class) can be checked free of charge. Please present your e-Ticket Itinerary & Receipt with IC (2D barcode) when checking your baggage.

Checked Baggage

Please confirm before departure.

Important Notes

Those without check-in baggage

Image of proceeding to security checkpoint

STEP (3) Security checkpoint

Please pass through security at least 20 minutes prior to the departure time.

At the security checkpoint, carry-on baggage and passenger bodies are inspected.We recommend checking in earlier during the summer holiday season or around the year-end or new year holidays when airports are expected to be crowded.

How to pass through

Image of card bar code reader

Touch the reader located at the security checkpoint with your or 2D barcode (e-ticket itinerary/receipt and boarding pass) , ANA card with IC (Rakuten Edy or Suica) function, ANA Mileage Club Edy card or OSAIFU-KEITAI®. For passengers who checked in at a self service check-in machine or check-in counter, touch the reader with your boarding pass.

* A Security Certificate will be issued at the security checkpoint. Please make sure to take this.

Notes on going through a security checkpoint

Image of security checkpoint

Security screening is being reinforcedPDFby instruction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. For details, please see reinforcement efforts from September 13, 2019 onward. (Japanese only)

  • ・Please take off your coats, jackets and other such items and put them on the trays provided.
  • ・Safety shoes, thick-soled shoes, boots, and ankle covering shoes will require screening.
  • ・Please take out notebook computers and other electronic devices from your bag.
  • ・Please keep any metallic items in your bag or a basket provided.
  • ・Please remove any plastic bottle from your bag. (The content of liquid items may be inspected if necessary.)
  • ・Some items, such as scissors and tools, cannot be brought onboard, while others, such as spray cans and gas intended for camping, are not allowed to be checked or brought onboard. For details, click "Restricted Items for Carry-on/Checked Baggage".

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STEP (4) Boarding gate

Please come to the boarding gate 10 minutes prior to your departure.

You can also find the boarding gate information on information guideboards at the airport, the departure/arrival information page on the ANA website, or at a "Self Service Check-in machine". For boarding procedure, please see here.

How to pass through

Image of a ticket gate reader

Touch the ticket gate reader with your 2D barcode (e-ticket itinerary/receipt and boarding pass) , ANA card with IC (Rakuten Edy or Suica) function, ANA Mileage Club Edy card or OSAIFU-KEITAI® that you used at the security checkpoint. If you have changed your seat or flight after passing through security, please touch the reader with your new boarding pass.

Notes when going through a boarding gate

Image of boarding gate
  • * Please be forewarned should you not be present at the boarding gate at least 10 minutes prior to departure, you may not be able to board the flight in time, regardless of whether or not reservation was completed.
  • * Please set devices which emit radio waves for communication to not emit radio waves, or turn off the power when the aircraft doors are closed.