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Seat Allocation for Customers with Disabilities

At ANA, we do everything that we can do to provide customers with disabilities with their desired seat accommodation.

We kindly request customers to whom one or more of the following applies to contact us before they travel.

  • Customers with leg impairments who are unable to maneuver over fixed armrests and therefore require an aisle seat with a movable armrest

    (Example) Customers who have difficulty moving from the on-board wheelchair to their seat.

  • Customers accompanied on their flight by a caregiver and who desire adjoining seats (for assistance while eating and visual/hearing support)

    (Example) Customers with visual/hearing impairments who require assistance from assisting person in an adjoining seats

  • Customers who require a seat with extra legroom

    (Example) Customers who require extra legroom as they are unable to bend their legs due to illness or injury, etc.

  • Customers accompanied by a guide dog, hearing dog, mobility assistance dog or other service dogs

Contact Us

Please contact us using any of the methods listed below. Please note that we may not be able to guarantee your desired seat accommodation depending on availability.

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