Items Which Are Not Permitted to Be Carried on Board [International Flights]

This page contains information on the restrictions in place for all routes. Items that could be used as a weapon (including scissors, knives, and golf clubs) are not permitted to be carried on board international flights. Please be sure to check in such items before boarding your flight.

  • ・If a codeshare flight or flight operated by another airline is included in the itinerary, the baggage rules of the other airline may apply.
  • ・When traveling on Japanese domestic sectors using a ticket for which the International Conditions of Carriage apply, the baggage rules for international flights will apply.
  • ・Please be advised that in the event that it is impossible to confirm whether or not an item can be transported by airplane before the departure time, the request for transport may be rejected.
  • ・Some countries and regions may place restrictions on the carry-on and check-in of items other than those mentioned below.

Items Which Are Not Permitted to Be Carried on Board

Potential weapons such as scissors, tools, ice skates, bats, and golf clubs (not even one wood/iron or putter), ski wax/sprays, and knives are not permitted to be carried on.




Ice Picks


Army Knives


Golf Clubs

  • * Items resembling weapons such as toy guns are also not permitted to be carried on board.
  • * Carrying items such as knives on board is illegal and subject to a fine of up to JPY 500,000.

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