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ANA delivers Wi-Fi free content, in-flight video and audio programs for your in-flight enjoyment, with content updated monthly.

A Variety of Free Content with the ANA Wi-Fi Service

Passengers can watch the latest news and sports broadcasts in real time with ANA SKY LIVE TV, the first service of its kind on domestic flights in Japan. Enjoy around 100 in-flight entertainment items, including e-books and a large variety of audio and video programs such as famous TV dramas, variety shows, and animation. You can also shop on board using the ANA STORE@SKY site.

Free content:

Paid content:

Image of smartphone screen (free)
  • *Limited to aircraft offering the ANA Wi-Fi Service.
  • *Use of the ANA app is recommended for this service as some content cannot be viewed on browsers.



This new entertainment service allows passengers to watch the latest news and sports broadcasts as they happen.
Enjoy these TV programs in real time!

  • *Please note that ANA SKY LIVE TV uses a special mechanism to transmit TV programs to aircraft. For this reason, there may be a time lapse compared to ground broadcasts. We thank you for your understanding.
  • *Connection may be unstable or lost due to flight route or weather conditions.
  • *ANA SKY LIVE TV is not available when using a browser on the Android platform. Therefore Android users are strongly recommended to download the ANA App before boarding, in order to enjoy ANA SKY LIVE TV.


[Recommended Video contents December]

Video contents 1

Innovative Minds #15: Astellas Pharma Inc. Providing a smile to the children of Vietnam ~Company workers take on the challenge of volunteering overseas~

Video contents 2

A Guide to Rakugo!

Video contents 3

The Holiday of Matsumoto Family

Video contents 4


Video contents 5

©National Geographic Channel. All rights reserved.

Video contents 6

Tom and Jerry Tales
©2006 Warner Brothers. All rights reserved.

Video contents 7

The Full-Time Wife

Video contents 8


Video contents 9

Twin Peaks: The Return
©Twin Peaks Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Video contents 10

Pre-Jo Lesson

Video contents 11


Video contents 12

my music

  • *Please note that a portion of the video contents cannot be viewed using browsers on the iOS devices and all video content cannot be viewed using a browser on the Android platform. To enjoy these features, ANA recommends you download the latest ANA app before boarding.
  • *On some flights, some programs at the beginning and end of the month may differ from those indicated.


Listen to over 20 titles spanning genres such as J-Pop, pop, and classical music.

  • *Please note that all Audio content cannot be played using a browser on the Android platform. To enjoy this feature, ANA recommends you download the latest ANA app before boarding.


Enjoy a wide selection of e-books, including Popular magazines, Travel magazines, Comics, Picture books and more.

ANA STORE@SKY Shopping Site

A wide range of items is available, from limited edition products to items from the ANA SKY SHOP Japan domestic in-flight shopping magazine and the ANA Shopping A-style online store.

  • -Pay with your personal credit card, ANA Shopping points, or C.O.D.
  • -By registering your e-mail address at the special in-cabin site, you will be able to access ANASTORE@SKY from your home after disembarking.

  • *Access is limited to 2 days upon registration of your e-mail address.


News, mileage introduction, flight maps, and the latest information from ANA is provided free of charge.

Services offered on DHC8-Q400 aircraft

Only video, audio, e-books and news contents of the service are available for your enjoyment.

Internet Service (Paid Content)

Image of smartphone screen (fee apply)

With our in-flight internet service, you can access the internet, use email and remain connected to social networking sites using your smartphone, tablet or other devices with wireless LAN capability.
The service is available from approximately five minutes after takeoff to approximately five minutes before landing.

  • *This service is not available on DHC8-Q400 aircraft.

Payment Method / Charges / Communication Environment

Payment Method

The following two payment methods are available.

1.Pay by Credit Card

  • *Cash, Electric money, debit card etc are not accepted.

2.Pay by mile(ANA mileage club member only)

  • *After application, no cancellation is accepted, and redeemed miles cannot be returned to your mileage account.
  • *ANA Card Family Mile is not applicable.
  • *A receipt will be sent to the e-mail address registered when using the service.
  • *Use of a plan is limited to the flight on which was purchased.


Two plans based on time are available.

  • *When downloading large amounts of data, the internet connection may slow down.
Using Plan Hours*1 Charges Miles
ANA Wi-Fi 40 Minutes Plan 40 Minutes*1 JPY 550 550 miles
ANA Wi-Fi Full Flight Plan From shortly after take-off until shortly before your arrival JPY 1,050 1,050 miles

*1 Time elapsed since initial connection

Communication Environment

  • -As is with the nature of satellite services, your connection may become disconnected or unstable due to adverse weather conditions or conditions along the flight route in a particular area.
  • -It may take a while to play a video or download / upload high-capacity data that requires high line speed.
  • -E-mail service provided by mobile Phone carrier such as sp mode by NTT docomo, S! mail by Softbank, ezweb by au and so on are not available on ANA Wi-Fi service.
  • -In order to not disturb other passengers, we kindly ask you to refrain from using voice & video call function such as LINE voice calls and Skype.
  • -The ANA Wi-Fi Service may be suspended at any time during the flight for security or other reasons.
  • -ANA shall not be held responsible for any loss of data or damage to passenger devices.

Applicable Aircraft/Classes for ANA Wi-Fi Service

ANA Wi-Fi service logo

Applicable aircraft will have the "ANA Wi-Fi Service" decal affixed next to the main cabin door and on the inner wall panels of the aircraft.

  • *The service is available only on certain flights operated by aircraft with connectivity equipment installed. Please note that on applicable flights, the aircraft may be subject to change and the service unavailable due to flight conditions and other unforeseen reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

The Wi-Fi service on domestic routes is scheduled to be gradually expanded.

  • *The service is not available on B737-500 and B737-700.

Applicable Devices

Devices with wireless capability can be used, such as your smartphone, tablet, or notebook PC.

  • *We recommend using a smartphone or tablet device.
  • *Please note, ANA does not provide and/or lend devices to passenger.

-System requirements-
Smartphone, Tablet : ANA app
PC : Internet Explorer, Safari

ANA recommends you download the latest ANA app before boarding.

Download the ANA App


App Store iTunes Store

Access App Store (iTunes Store) from your iPhone and download the app. (Japanese only)


Google Play

Access Google Play from your Android device and download the app. (Japanese only)

How to Connect

1. After verifying that your device's "airplane mode" is on, turn on Wi-Fi.
2. Select wireless network SSID [ANA-Wi-Fi-Service] to connect to.
3. Please launch the ANA App or start a browser session.
4. If you are using the ANA application menu, please select Japan Domestic In-Flight WiFi to display the ANA Wi-Fi Service portal site, and connect to our Wi-Fi service.

  • *For details, please refer to the "ANA Wi-Fi SERVICE GUIDE" in your seat pocket.


  • -The ANA Wi-Fi Service may be suspended at any time during the flight for security or other reasons. ANA shall not be held responsible for any loss of data or damage to passenger devices.
  • -Video streaming may not be supported.
  • -We recommend that you disable automatic updates of software and applications running in the background.


Inquiries about Our Internet connection service

Our Internet connection service provider is Panasonic Avionics. Please contact Panasonic Avionics if you have any inquiries about terminal settings or charges.

■ Panasonic Avionics

[Toll-free (within Japan) / Only in Japanese]
*1 Available when calling from mobile phone.

[International Call (Charged) / Only in Japanese]

[English Support]

*2 The phone call will be charged to the customer.

E-mail :

Please contact ANA mileage club service center about mile redemption.

■ ANA Mileage Club Service Center

operating hours Mon.~Fri. 9:00~19:00/Sat. 9:00~17:00 (JapanTime)
*except Sun.National Holidays and new year holidays

Inquiries about shopping

For inquiries regarding in-flight shopping, please contact below :

■ A-style Customer support desk

[Only in Japanese]
0120-283-250 *
* By IP phone 03-6253-7280 (charged)

Email :

Operation hours:
Mon.-Fri. 9:00AM~6:00AM
Sat., Sun., Holidays, Dec.30th and 31th 9:00AM~5:00AM
With the exception of New Year's (Jan.1st~Jan.3rd) open year round.

  • *While we do accept emails 24 hours/day, please be aware that emails received after-hours will not be answered until the following business day. Furthermore, regarding email customer support, operations are closed from Dec.30th~Jan.3rd.


*All images used are for illustrative purposes only.

Video and Audio Programs on Large Screens at the Front

You can enjoy a range of music and video programs on board.

front screen

Programs on Large Screens at the Front

Various programs are screened, including ANA original content. Programs vary between odd and even flight numbers, and are changed on a monthly basis.

Audio Programs

From the latest J-POP to classical music and traditional Japanese comic storytelling, 8 audio channels in total are provided.

  • *You will be redirected to another service. The personal information privacy policy and terms of use of the linked site will apply.
  • *There may be cases that some portable devices are not available to use.
  • *Customers can use their own earphones. Earphones are also available at the boarding gate and on board for customers without any.
  • *Programs are shown on the large screens at the front on the B787, B777, B767, and B737 (some aircraft excluded).
  • *Audio programs are broadcast on the B787, B777, B767, A320neo, and B737 (some aircraft excluded).
  • *Programs may change without prior notice.
  • *On some flights, programs at the beginning and end of the month may differ from those indicated.
  • *On code-share flights, the service provided will be in accordance with the host airline's standards.

Video and Audio Programs on Individual Monitors

On some B787, A320 and A321 aircraft, passengers can also enjoy a variety of video and audio programs on their individual monitors.

A321 type personal monitor screen

Search/Book flights

Information on Class Services