Online Check-In for ANA Japan Domestic Flights

What Is Online Check-In?

Online check-in is a service that allows you to check in and get your tickets issued from 24 hours prior to the departure of your flight.

Cases in Which Online Check-In Is Unavailable

Online check-in is not available if any of the following in (1) or (2) applies.
Please complete the necessary procedures at an airport counter or self-service check-in machine, and then pass through security at least 20 minutes prior to departure.

Fares for Which Online Check-In Is Unavailable


Premium Disability Discount

*1 *2

Premium Shareholder's Benefit Discount


Disability Discount

*1 *2

Shareholder's Benefit Discount


Islands Ticket


Other group fares

  • *1.ANA Mileage Club members who have registered their passenger information may use online check-in, with some exceptions. Those who require special assistance may receive such assistance at an airport counter.
  • *2.If you log in and make a reservation from your own ANA Mileage Club account to which you have registered information from your Identification Booklet for Persons with Disabilities, your caregiver can also use the online check-in.
  • *3.The online check-in will be available if you register your Shareholder's Benefit Number and registration password before you travel after purchasing your tickets via the ANA website or ANA Domestic Reservation and Customer Service Center.

If any of the following apply to your flight ticket:

  • You have JAL flight tickets.
  • Information about your flight ticket cannot be confirmed online.
  • You have an open-ended ticket.

Customers requiring assistance:

  • Customers using the ANA Junior Pilot service
  • Customers requiring boarding assistance (e.g., wheelchair users)

Customers with a connecting itinerary to whom the following applies:

  • The reserved itinerary contains 4 or more sectors.


  • The fare at purchase is different from the applicable fare at check-in.
  • Advance upgrade fees have not been paid.
  • You are using a group fare (Japan domestic flights).
  • You will be traveling on a Peach-operated flight.

Additionally, online check-in will be unavailable if check-in is suspended due to aircraft changes, etc.

  • If you cancel check-in after checking in online, your seat reservations will also be deleted at the same time. Please select a new seat when checking in again.
  • You will not be able to change your reservation after checking in online. In this instance, please change your reservation after you have boarded the flight for which you have checked in online, or after canceling check-in temporarily.
  • You cannot check in online or cancel online check-in via the ANA Domestic Reservation and Customer Service Center. Please complete the procedures by yourself.
  • Online check-in is also available for Japan domestic flights that are ticketed as part of an international flight ticket. Please go to International Flights - Online Check-in on the ANA website to do so. (Online check-in may be unavailable in certain cases. In this instance, please check in at an airport counter or using a self-service check-in machine.)

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