Wheelchair TennisSHINGO KUNIEDA

Wheelchair TennisSHINGO KUNIEDA

Date of Birth
February 21, 1984
Place of Birth
173 cm
65 kg


Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Bronze Medal (Men’s doubles)
London 2012 Paralympic Games, Gold Medal (Men’s singles)
Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, Gold Medal (Men’s singles)
Bronze Medal (Men’s doubles)
Athens 2004 Paralympic Games, Gold Medal (Men’s doubles)

Grand slam 26 wins (Men’s singles)


Even though 2020 will mark my fifth time to participate in the Paralympic Games, the pressure I feel for the Tokyo 2020 Games is unlike anything I have felt before. Every shot will count. I want to deliver excellent results in all events leading up to the games so that I am prepared both physically and mentally for this challenge.
Making Japan my stage, I will perform to the very best of my ability so that I can showcase what can really be achieved with a wheelchair. Nothing would make me happier than having you see this for yourselves and become wheelchair tennis fans.

Do you have any pre-match rituals?

I listen to Mr.Children (a Japanese pop rock band) when coming out onto the court. I used to do other things such as eating curry as soon as I got to the airport or trying to always wear red pants for my matches (laughs)! However, I often didn't have time to get my curry fill, and it was from this time that I also decided to ditch the red pants. The only pre-match ritual I have left now is listening to Mr.Children songs.

Other sports I like

I play basketball to wind down, and I often play on my days off after coming home from tournaments.

Learn what I do on the court for good luck!

- I bounce the ball on the ground twice before the first serve and four times before the second serve.
- In the 90 seconds of changing ends, I drink a sports drink and eat a banana.