Interline Traffic with Other Operating Airlines

For your pleasant journey.
Please read the following before departure.

  • As of October 27, 2018, we no longer handle endorsements (changes of operating airline) with the JAL Group (JAL/JAC/JTA/RAC), IBEX Airlines (IBX), AIRDO (ADO), Solaseed Air (SNA), StarFlyer (SFJ), and Oriental Air Bridge (ORC).
    Baggage forwarding will still be available for transfers.
  • We no longer offer mutual ticket sales with the JAL Group (JAL/JAC/JTA/RAC).

Joint Transportation with Other Operating Airlines

The ANA Group can mutually sell flight tickets (if using other carriers for the second or later segment), endorse (change flight tickets), and forward baggage for transfers with the following operating airlines with which it has interline transportation agreements. Please see the List of Operating Airlines Offering Joint Transportation for the airlines with which this is possible.

  • Reservations cannot be made on the ANA website for flights operated by other airlines. Please make reservations for these sectors (connection/return flight) with the operating airline.

Example: Traveling with ANA from Haneda to Kansai and then with JAL from Kansai to Okinawa (Naha) using the Flex Fare

  1. You can reserve the first segment with ANA and simultaneously purchase a flight ticket for the second segment. 
  2. Make a reservation with JAL separately for the second segment.
    In this case, although the flight ticket for the second segment is an ANA ticket, the ticket is endorsed by ANA to JAL (change of operating airline) at Kansai Airport when boarding for the second segment. 
  • Endorsement (change of operating airline) may differ depending on applicable fare types/rules. For details, please contact ANA. 

List of Operating Airlines Offering Joint Transportation

  • Ibex Airlines (IBX)
  • Air Do (ADO)
  • Solaseed Air Inc. (SNA)
  • StarFlyer (SFJ)
  • Oriental Air Bridge (ORC)
  • Japan Airlines (JAL)
  • Japan Air Commuter (JAC)
  • Japan Transocean Air (JTA)
  • Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC)