About ANA Business Flyers Q&A


Who can apply for ANA Business Flyers ™ (ABF)?

Small and medium sized companies that (i) are business entities duly registered in the United States, (ii) are not sellers of travel, and (iii) do not currently have a corporate or incentive agreement with ANA.

How do I apply for ABF?

The enrollment procedure is simple. Register through the enrollment form below or through the ANA Business Flyers ™ page on ANA's U.S.A. website (www.ana.co.jp/en/us/).
Register for ANA Business Flyers ™ here

Is there a fee to participate?

Membership in ABF is free.

When will I receive the Corporate Promotion Code?

Qualifying companies will receive an email with their Corporate Promotion Code from ANA within one month after registration approval. Thereafter, with annual Program renewal, it can take up to one month to receive the new Corporate Promotion Code.

How do company employees book ABF travel using their Corporate Promotion Code?

First, access the ANA U.S.A. website (www.ana.co.jp/en/us/). Then, select travel dates and enter your Corporate Promotion Code where prompted in the "Check Fares/Reservations" section located in the upper left side of the homepage. You will receive an automatic discount upon entering your Corporate Promotion Code.

How can I see my account statement?

You can review your Qualifying Purchases made with your Corporate Promotion Code at the ANA Business Flyers Customer ™ Log-in Site. To access the Customer Log-In Site, please refer to the program acceptance email ANA sent you. For any questions, please contact ANA Business Flyers at: abf_northamerica_@121.ana.co.jp.

Do I need to re-register with ABF on a yearly basis?

No. Your participation in the Program will be automatically renewed once ANA, at its sole discretion, determines that you made Qualifying Purchases equal to $10,000 or more during your preceding Year and are otherwise qualified to participate.

How do I change information submitted in the ABF application?

Information entered in the ABF application (such as Company information & Contact information) can be changed anytime by contacting the ABF desk abf_northamerica_@121.ana.co.jp by email.

Are employees required to become ANA Mileage Club (AMC) members at the time of ABF registration?

Yes. Any person traveling on a ticket purchased under the Program must be a member of the ANA Mileage Club (AMC). Your employees participating in ABF must enter the Corporate Promotion Code and their own AMC account number when making reservations and purchases on the ANA U.S.A. website.

Can employees accumulate miles in their own account if they are AMC members?

Yes. ABF participating members/employees will accrue mileage in their own AMC account.
Information about ANA Mileage Club enrollment

Which fares/flights are eligible for ABF Qualifying Purchases?

To be eligible for ABF, purchases must be for ANA operated transpacific trips originating in North America for the initial flight to Japan and/or Asia as offered for sale through the ANA U.S.A. website. Not eligible are codeshare flights operated by other airlines, tickets issued for solely Japanese domestic flights, single flights originating in Japan or Asia, and certain adjusted fares published on the ANA U.S. website. The portion of your fare covering the fuel surcharge, insurance surcharge, and government imposed taxes and fees is not included in your Qualifying Purchases.