Real Estate/Home Repair and Renovation

Here you can find information regarding the amount of miles that can be accrued when using real estate and home repair and renovation services, as well as the relevant terms and conditions.

Real Estate/Home Repair and Renovation

  • ”=" indicates the number of miles that can be accrued.

The number of miles that you can earn can be confirmed in the details for each service.

  • AMC

ANA Residential Services provide customers with information on home and interior product purchasing, rental contracts, renovation services, and other real estate and home-related services by which they can earn ANA miles.

Payments Using ANA Card
JPY 100 (incl. tax) = 1 mile


In addition to the sale and repair of gas appliances such as stoves and water heaters, Tokyo Gas Rik Living also assists customers with home renovations. Please feel free to use these services.