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Customer Support Related to Delays and Cancellations (International Flights)

ANA offers a variety of services through the ANA website which provide information to customers in the event of a flight delay or cancellation.

Information on Flight Cancellations and Delays

Email Notifications

Customers who register an email address will receive notifications if a delay or cancellation occurs. Please refer to the Reservations/Service Information Emails (International Flights) page for details.

Flight Status Information

Check flight statuses via the ANA website. Customers can use this service before going to the airport and find the departure and arrival information for their flights. Flight status information is available from 2 days before to 1 day after the departure of the relevant flight.

Refunds and Reservation Changes Due to Bad Weather, Equipment Malfunctions, etc

ANA will offer an alternative ANA flight or a refund in the event of delays/cancellations due to force majeure (e.g. typhoon, heavy snowfall), or those where ANA is at fault (e.g. mechanical issues). Please note that there may be cases in which customer requests cannot be fulfilled due to terms related to the ticket type or flight transfer process.

Refunds and Reservation Changes Due to Bad Weather, etc

Refunds and Reservation Changes Due to Equipment Malfunctions, etc

Certificates of Delay/Cancellation/Diversion

If a flight is delayed, canceled, or diverted, customers can request an official Certificate of Delay/Cancellation/Diversion through the ANA website.