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Advance Seat Assignments (International Flights)

Applicable Flights

  • Flights operated by ANA Group (International flight, Domestic flight within Japan)

  • Flights operated by other airlines*

    • Some flights are excluded. There may be cases in which customers are able to request a seat preference (aisle, window) even if they cannot request a specific seat.

Not applicable

  • Flights which are not operated by ANA and have the following conditions:

    • The operating airline's policy does not allow advance seat reservation.

    • Advance seat reservation requires an additional fee.*

  • Flight reservations which include infants who occupy their own seats.

  • Some flights which have been reserved via travel agents.

  • Other cases in which advance seat reservation is not available due to reservation conditions. (Please also confirm the Notes.)

  • If the reservation is made for a flight which is not operated by ANA, please direct inquiries regarding advance seat reservation availability and additional fees to the relevant operating airline.

    If the reservation for a codeshare flight is made under an ANA flight number, advance seat reservation is not possible. However, advance seat reservation is available for some Lufthansa-operated flights reserved under an ANA flight number.

Information Regarding the Seatmap Screen Display

Please note that the seat map shown in the main area of the Seat information and the corresponding actual arrangement may be different.

For Passengers Flying on ANA Operated Flights

Please check details regarding seating and the layout of the aircraft via "Layout."

You can check the specifications of your seat via "Seat Type."

  • The actual seat arrangement may differ to this map. Please refer to "Layout."

Seatmap Screen Display Operation Guide

Please select your preferred seat using the seat map shown in the main area of the Seat information.

To confirm your selection, press the "Register and finish" button.

  • When selecting seats for two passengers or more, select the relevant passenger from the passenger names displayed.

  • When selecting seats for multiple sectors, press the "Register and continue" button to proceed to the seat selection for the next sector.

Paid Advance Seat Reservation

Pay a reservation fee and make an advance reservation for aisle or window seats, a seat conveniently located toward the front of the aircraft for smooth boarding and disembarkation, or one of our popular seats with extra legroom.

  • Applies to Economy Class passengers in certain booking classes.


  • Seat assignments are available until 48 hours prior to departure on ANA Website. Online Check-in is available 24 hours prior until 75 minutes prior to the time of your international flight departure on ANA Website.

  • The seats that can be assigned in advance are limited.

  • The number of seats which can be reserved in advance is restricted in order to ensure seating is available for passengers with special needs. If you are unable to reserve seats in advance, please make your seat reservations at the airport on the day of departure.

  • Seats available for advance seat reservation may differ by ANA Premium member status or booking class. Please check ASW for the latest seat map as available seats may differ by availability.

  • Please note that your assigned seat may change due to change in aircraft or other reasons.

  • Passengers traveling with an infant may not be seated in the same section as another passenger traveling with an infant due to limitations of oxygen masks. If there is more than one passenger traveling with an infant, please assign seats in a different row or a section across from the aisle.