Links and banner

Cautions to be observed when setting links to the ANA Group website, as well as the official banner, are provided as follows.

If you wish to set a link or use the banner

Thank you for using ANA's official website, ANA SKY WEB.
We'd like as many people as possible to come to our website.
To meet that goal, we now have the "ANA Official Banner" available through which the ANA website can be easily visited from your websites.If you wish to set a link or use the banner, please carefully read the following guidelines.

Japanese Website Only


  • ● As a general rule, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. and ANA Sales (hereinafter collectively referred to as the ANA Group) own the copyright of all contents on the ANA website.Unauthorized copying or reproduction of any images or text on the ANA website is prohibited.

Link setting conditions

  • ● Allowed link destinations
    ・Domestic top page ""
    ・International top page ""
    ・ANA Mileage Club top page ""

    When setting a link to any of the above, please be sure to agree to the terms described here and submit your agreement on the specified form.If you'd like to use the banner, please specify to do so on the form and follow the Banner usage guidelines.
    ANA will review your request and reply within two weeks.Please refrain from setting any links until you hear from us.
  • ● ANA Group shall not be responsible for the contents of any of the linked sites or for any damage caused in connection with use of such sites.
  • ● To prevent possible trouble after permitting link registration, should we determine that the linking from your site is not in accordance with the link guidelines described here, we may contact you and require that you disable the link within two weeks.

Links from the following types of websites are prohibited.

  • ● Commercial websites
  • ● Guideboard
  • ● Websites that are or may be slandering or defaming the business activities of the ANA Group or any third party
  • ● Websites that are or may be infringing on the intellectual property rights of the ANA Group or any third party
  • ● Websites that are or may be infringing on the property, reputation, personal rights or privacy of the ANA Group or any third party
  • ● Websites that are against public order and morality
  • ● Websites that may mislead the viewers or cause erroneous judgment by the viewers
  • ● Use with framing.Displaying the ANA website within a frame setting is strictly prohibited.If you have a frame, please set the TARGET attribute to _blank or _top when linking to the ANA website.

Other Points

  • ● Unauthorized use of any content from the ANA website in newspaper, magazines, e-mail magazines or any other media is prohibited.

Banner usage guidelines

Please be sure to observe the following guidelines when using the ANA Official Banner.

  • ● Do not add any specific description of the services of ANA Group near or around the banner. Doing so may cause confusion among users in case any of the service is revised, discontinued or changed in any way.
  • ● Do not change the banner size.
  • ● Display the banner in a position where it is easy to see.
    Please do not use the banner as part of another image.
  • ● Please use the ANA Official Banner on your site in a positive manner.The permission for use will be withdrawn if the banner is being used to negatively describe the ANA Group or airlines.

Japanese Website Only