Evergreen International Hotels

Evergreen International Hotels

Evergreen International Hotels is distributed in regions throughout the world.
The Keelung hotel is located in northern Taiwan, with beautiful views of the ocean and mountains.
The Taipei hotel was built on the concept of "the ocean."
The hotel in Taichung is situated in the liveliest part of the city. With a gray, textural appearance, it has an international, royal atmosphere.
The Tainan hotel offers considerate, quality services and hospitality to its guests with pleasant, high-grade facilities.
The Jiaosi (Yilan) hotel features stone baths and nano oxygen therapy baths with heath effects, as well as a flower garden and hot springs baths, and is a good location for exceptional banquets.
The Bangkok hotel is a peaceful, elegant oasis in the middle of the noisy city.
The Penang hotel offers an ample range of telecommunication facilities and international-level conference services to support elite businesspeople.
The Paris hotel is perfect for both business and shopping.

Earning Miles

Accrual Miles

500 miles per stay

Accrual Conditions
Mileage Accrual Method
Mileage Accrual Period
  • Please allow approximately 1-2 months to confirm mileage accrual after stay.
Retroactive Registration

Please contact the following for retroactive registration of mileage.

*For further details, please see Retroactive Mileage Registration.

Send retroactive mileage registration requests to

  • Evergreen International Hotels 
  • ANA Mileage Club Administrator
  • FAX: +886-2-2518-5568 (Taiwan)
  • e-mail: reservation@evergreen-hotels.com


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