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Digital Catalog User Guide and Viewing Environment

Catalog Viewer User Guide

Catalog Viewer User Guide

Recommended Viewing Environment

  • Windows (2000/XP/Vista)

    ・Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver. 6.0/7.0

    ・Firefox Ver. 2.0

  • Macintosh (OS X)

    ・Firefox Ver. 2.0

    ・Safari Ver. 3.0

  • Recommended Screen Resolution

    At least 1024×768 pixels is recommended

If catalog is not displayed

The digital catalog runs using JavaScript.

If the catalog is not displayed, try the following.

  • Close and reopen the screen.

  • Check that your browser JavaScript settings have not been set to "Disabled." Change to "Enabled" if set to "Disabled."

  • Disable "pop up blocker" settings in tool bars such as for Internet Explorer, Yahoo! or Google.

Browser-Dependent Function Restrictions

  • Macintosh Users

    ・It is not possible to turn the page by clicking on the catalog.Use the action bar to turn pages.

  • Firefox (Windows and Macintosh) Users

    ・The "Print" button cannot be used.Use the "PDF" print function to print.

Notes for Use of Add-Ons

Some of the functions of the digital catalog may not work properly if add-ons (expanded browser functionality such as "All-In-One Gestures" for Firefox) are in use.To ensure that all functions do work properly, view the digital catalog after "Disabling" add-ons temporarily from the add-on management screen.