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Lounges for Japan Domestic Flights at Haneda Airport

ANA LOUNGE (Main North)

Take a Look Inside

With its extensive floor space and understated interior, the ANA LOUNGE offers a refined environment for a moment of relaxation before departure.

Lounge Map

Toilets、Multi-purpose Lavatories、Nursing Room、The Diaper Changing Table*1、Smoking Area、Phone Call Area、Photocopier/Fax Machine、Drink Area、Newspapers, Magazines、Wi-Fi Service
  • * 1

    The multi-purpose lavatory is equipped with a diaper changing table.

  • *

    Smoking is not permitted in any part of the lounge (excluding any designated smoking areas).

  • *

    Although alcoholic beverages are served in the lounge, drinking alcohol under the age of 20 and drink-driving are prohibited by law.


An enclosed counter is also available with direct access to the lounge (ANA PREMIUM CHECK-IN). The lounge offers a variety of conveniences so guests can spend their time in comfort. This includes a range of facilities to support those who need to work, a multi-purpose lavatory, a nursing room and a diaper changing table.

Reception Desk

Work Area

Service Counters

Food and Drink

  • *

    Services may vary by time of day and year.

  • *

    Services are subject to change without prior notice.

In the ANA LOUNGE, you can quench your thirst with beer, shochu, coffee, tea or a variety of soft drinks.

Lounge Information


5:15 AM until the departure of the last flight




Eligible Passengers

Only passengers flying on an ANA Group-operated flight or a codeshare flight*1 with an ANA flight number are eligible for lounge access.
Please visit the pages below to see which lounges you can access.

  • * 1

    Flights operated by AIR DO, IBEX Airlines, Oriental Air Bridge, Solaseed Air, Star Flyer, Japan Air Commuter, and Amakusa Airlines