Changes to Departure and Arrival Airports

On the following routes where the fare booked allows changes, it is possible to change between the specified airports.

-This only applies where flights are scheduled on the route in question.
-Customers are responsible for travel costs between airports.
-Please check the Applicable Condition for the Surcharges and fare table for each route.

Routes departing from/arriving in Tokyo

It is possible to change between Haneda Airport and Narita Airport.

Routes departing from/arriving in Osaka

It is possible to change between Osaka Itami Airport, Kansai Airport and Kobe Airport.

Routes departing and arriving in Hokuriku*1

It is possible to change between Komatsu Airport, Toyama Airport and Noto Airport.

*ANA will change the rule for the tickets for flights to airports in the Hokuriku Region (Toyama, Komatsu, and Noto Airports), effective March 31, 2016 (Thurs). Detail here.

Routes departing from/arriving in northern Kyushu *1

It is possible to change between Fukuoka Airport, Kitakyushu Airport and Saga Airport.
When changing to arrive at (or depart from) Kitakyushu, we will charge (or refund) airport fees.

Routes departing from/arriving in Hiroshima/Iwakuni*1

It is possible to change between Hiroshima Airport and Iwakuni Airport.

*1Limited to domestic ANA tickets used on ANA flights.
AMC Companion Fare and ANA Award flights do not apply.