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Launch of New Service[Russia]

Tokyo (Haneda) − Moscow, Russia route

ANA will launch direct flights from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Moscow Domodedovo Airport! Travel in comfort for business or sightseeing with an ANA airfare to Moscow, Russia. Enjoy the majestic buildings with their sense of history, the art, and the delicious food of the Russian capital, Moscow.


The new service to Moscow Domodedovo Airport, which was scheduled to start on July 1, 2020 is postponed.

Accordingly, air tickets and tours sales are temporarily suspended.

Information will be given once new service and sales start dates have been determined.

Moscow Attractions

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Travel Theme

What kind of place is Moscow?

The Russian Federation is a vast land that stretches from Asia in the East to Europe in the West. Moscow, its capital city located in the West of the country, is brimming with historical architecture and art. Churches topped by unique, onion-shaped domes. Numerous art galleries housing many works of art. Luxurious palaces exuding the glories of Tsarist Russia. So many rich cultural experiences, including ballet in the land of its birth, classical music, and circuses that, as well as bears, even feature cats! Fly with ANA to Moscow, this city with such different culture, and make those experiences a reality.

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Travel Theme

Encounter the arts

Red Square and the Kremlin, Moscow’s most renowned sightseeing spots. In the Red Square, Pokrovsky Cathedral (Saint Basil's Cathedral), with its colorful onion-shaped roofs, draws the eye. These characteristic domes on the cathedral’s roof are known as cupola. Of course, they are not meant to represent onions, but rather candle flames reaching up in prayer to the heavens, or the fire of the Holy Spirit. Apparently, the different number of these domes topping a church signifies different meanings. It might be interesting to count the number of cupola when you visit a church. The Kremlin is the center of Russian culture and politics. Its buildings include government buildings such as the Presidential Executive Office of Russia, and a number of churches. The Kreml, from which the Kremlin derives its name, is a fortress wall that is 2,235 m long! Inside those walls, besides the impressive cathedral, with its magnificent icons, another must-see is the Diamond Fund, where you can see about a 200-carat diamond, the likes of which you will never see anywhere else.

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Travel Theme

Discover the true Moscow

Russia has many unique and interesting everyday goods that make the perfect souvenirs! Sweets in cute packaging and Russian unique folk art would also delight anyone who received them as souvenirs. Alenka, with its trademark baby’s face on its packaging, is a brand of chocolate made by the confectionery manufacturer, Krasny Oktyabr. Just looking at the baby’s cute expression is enough to soothe the spirit. Russia is also so famous for its honey that a massive honey market is held every year. In particular, honey soufflé, a uniquely Russian whipped honey, makes a perfect gift with its cute, colorful bottle! If you want to buy a gift that is little bit different, this honey is highly recommended. If it is local craftwork you want, look no further than traditional tableware in blue and white ceramic called gzhel, after the village of Gzhel. Enjoy tea time in the Russian style with Russian sweets and tableware.

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Travel Theme

Encounter the food

Russia is actually a treasure trove of delicious foods! Enjoy a rich variety of dishes made with meat, fish, and vegetables. Borscht is a very famous traditional dish in Russia. Soothe your tired body with a bowl of warm soup after a long day of sightseeing. If you want something quick and easy in a fast food style, try Pirozhki buns and Pelmeni (Russian meat dumplings.) Of course, there is also the option of an extravagant gourmet tour, where you can savor caviar, one of the world’s top three delicacies, in the land of its origin, Russia. Enjoy richly flavored Russian cuisine, accompanied by Smetana (sour cream), which is an essential part of Russian gourmet.

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Flight Schedule and Aircraft

Flight Number Departure Time Arrival Time
NH213 Tokyo (Haneda) 08:40 Moscow (Domodedovo) 13:10
NH214 Moscow (Domodedovo) 15:05 Tokyo (Haneda) 07:10 (next day)
  • Departure/arrival times: Shown in local time.

  • Subject to authorization from the relevant authorities. Flight schedules and aircraft are subject to change without prior notice.

Aircraft: Boeing 767-300ER (202 seats)

Business Class: 35 seats

Economy Class: 167 seats


Imagine yourself in a cradle, as you relax in a space all your own.

With the seat's fixed-back shell design, you no longer need to worry about the passenger behind you when you recline your seat.

  • Aircraft and seat specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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Fly with ANA to Moscow, the capital of Russia, a city of historical buildings and art.