Flight Tickets and ANA e-Tickets

This section explains flight ticket reservations, payment deadlines, validity, verification codes and use.


Reservations and flight tickets are available from 355 days before departure at 09:30 via the ANA website and from ANA domestic airport counters, the reservation and customer service center, and designated travel agencies.
Start dates and times for discount fare sales may vary. (Please see "ANA SUPER VALUE" and "ANA VALUE" Reservations for more details on reservations and sales start dates for ANA VALUE 1, ANA VALUE 3, ANA SUPER VALUE 21, ANA SUPER VALUE 28, ANA SUPER VALUE 45, ANA SUPER VALUE 55 and ANA SUPER VALUE 75. Similar information for the ANA SUPER VALUE SALE can be found on the  ANA SUPER VALUE SALE page(*Japanese).)

Passengers who require assistance

Passengers with disabilities or who need assistance should make this known at the time of booking.
Please see here for details.

Payment Deadlines

Booking more than 3 days before departure: within 3 days before departure (including reservation date)
Booking less than 2 days before departure: 20 min before departure time

  • *Some fares may have different payment deadlines.Please see theFare Guide for details.

Validity of Flight Tickets

Fares Allowing Changes and Service Fees Fares Not Allowing Changes
After the day of issue (day of purchase*1) or the day after the day of issue, valid for 1 year (up and including the same date as that of ticket issue one year later)*2.
Valid only for the booked flight for completed reservations.
(Boarding not possible with the flight tickets
if not changed/canceled before departure)
Valid only for the booked flight.
  • *1 The day we can confirm payment if paying at a convenience store.
  • *2 May not apply for flight tickets with specific fares, as they may have separate conditions.Please see theFare Guide for details.

Verification Code

  • ・For ANA e-Tickets, give the confirmation number (9 digits) after you receive your flight ticket.
  • ・You will need the verification code to confirm the flight ticket information.Please have the verification code to hand when boarding and hand it over at the airport.
    (The verification code must also be presented for refunds for flight tickets.)

Verification code

  1. ANA Mileage Club Membership No.
  2. Confirmation number (9 digits) *3
  3. Credit card used to pay for the flight tickets *4

Using Flight Tickets

  • ・The name on flight tickets cannot be changed.
  • ・Flight tickets cannot be assigned to a third party.Please be aware that even if flight tickets are purchased through an online auction or similar means, only the named person can use them.If you board illegally, you will be liable for damages and possibly subject to legal action.
    *If there is a change of passenger, you must first have the flight ticket refunded and then purchase a new one.
  • ・Flight tickets must be used according to booked itinerary.
  • ・If you miss a booked flight you cannot transfer to another flight. Please request a refund.