Carry-on Baggage Size and Rules [Japan Domestic Flights]

This page provides information regarding size restrictions for carry-on baggage (suitcases, carry cases, bags, etc.) on Japan domestic flights. There are restrictions on weight and size, and up to one piece of baggage can be carried on board.

Carry-on Baggage Size and Rule


Total weight of 10 kg or less

  • * The weight is the total weight of all personal belongings


  • 100 seats or more The total linear dimensions (length, width, height) per item is no more than 115 cm

    (55cm x 40cm x 25cm or less)

  • Less than 100 seats The total linear dimensions (length, width, height) per item is no more than 100 cm

    (45cm x 35cm x 20cm or less)

  • * For details please check the Points to Note on Baggage Size.

Number of Pieces

Up to 1 piece per passenger

  • * Aside from personal belongings (handbag, camera, umbrella, etc.), one piece of baggage that meets the criteria below is allowed.

Rules for Carry-on Baggage

To ensure your comfort and safety in-flight, other than personal belongings (hand bags, cameras, umbrellas, etc.), a passenger can carry only one piece of baggage which is less than 10kg and satisfying the following conditions into the aircraft cabin.

A baggage within the size specified below may be included in checked baggage when the size is not suited for the cabin.Please check in any baggage (carrying bag, baby stroller, jute bag, etc.) exceeding the following size.
If you are carrying on board any baggage exceeding the carry-on baggage allowance, you will be required to pay the Extra seat fare to purchase an additional seat.

Baggage exceeding the size restrictions cannot be carried on board. 

The baggage inspection machine is equipped with a gauge to check the size. 
Please check in baggage exceeding the permitted size for carry-on baggage before passing through security. 

Security checkpoint image

Attachments (wheels, handles, etc.) are included in the above size restrictions. 
Due to the limited storage space available on the aircraft, please check in baggage for which any side dimension exceeds the stipulated size (*), even if the total linear dimension is 115 cm (100 cm) or less. Please inquire with ANA staff if you wish to carry the relevant item on board. (The staff will check the size of your baggage.) 

  • (*) Baggage which cannot be stored in the cabin storage space even if it is within the stipulated size will be loaded in the cargo compartment as checked baggage.

100 seats or more

773, 772, 777, 789, 78P, 78R, 76P, 763, 32A, 32F, 738, 73H, 73L, 73P, 737, 73D, 73X, 735

Less than 100 seats

Q4A/Q84, Q82, CR7

Please store baggage in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.
Leaving baggage in locations where it might hinder an emergency evacuation such as in the aisle or near the emergency exits is prohibited by law. Passengers seated at locations where no seat is placed in front of them, such as in front of a cabin monitor or behind a cabin separating wall are required to keep the area around their feet free of any baggage at all times. 

How to Store Carry-on Baggage

When storing your baggage in the overhead compartment, please make sure everything is stored neatly by ensuring that no baggage may fall out when the compartment is opened. Baggage that is not secured properly may fall out in the event of strong impact and may injure you or other passengers.

How to Store Carry-on Baggage

If your baggage is not stored properly, a cabin attendant will speak to you. Please follow their instructions for your own safety.

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