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Baggage (Check-in Procedures, Carry-on, Inspections) [Japan Domestic Flights]

This page provides information about the rules and points to note which need to be confirmed in advance concerning baggage when boarding a Japan domestic flight.


  • There are many smartphone batteries for which the watt-hour rating (Wh) is not indicated.

    Smartphone batteries with built-in lithium ion batteries may be taken on board if their watt-hour rating (Wh) is no greater than 160 Wh. However, if the watt-hour rating (Wh) is not specified, the smartphone battery will not be permitted in carry-on or checked baggage, the same as for those with a rating of over 160 Wh. Please check the watt-hour rating (Wh) before you travel. For further handling details, please see Items With Conditions Attached to Their Carry-on or Check-in [Japan Domestic Flights].


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