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Based on the fare and route, ANA provides a variety of unique services to customers in Japan who are transferring to job assignments outside the country.

Customers Who Can Use the Service

ANA Mileage Club members who use a normal one-way fare to depart from Japan when transferring to job assignments outside the country.

  • * Eligible fares : F, J, G, Y
  • * Only tickets that are issued in Japan are eligible. Round-trip tickets and discount fares such as Flex Plus are not eligible.

Applicable Routes

International routes which are operated by ANA and Air Japan. (*1)

*1 Departures from the following 4 airports are eligible: Narita, Haneda, Kansai, and Chubu Centrair.
Customers flying to Seoul and customers using ANA-operated flights under another airline's flight number are not eligible.

How to Use

STEP1 Request Job Transfer Compo Services

Please submit a request online.

Please submit a request after making the reservation for the flight.

Note that the request deadlines differ for each service option.

  • At New Request site, please input following STEP2-4 after entering your basic information.
  • Customers must join ANA Mileage Club to submit a request.

STEP2 Request Basic Compo Services

Partial Waiver of Excess Baggage Charges (For ANA Group-operated Sectors Only)

Applicable to the customer requesting Job Transfer Compo services.

Customers can check in 2 more pieces in addition to the free baggage allowance for the relevant service class.

Standard Free Baggage Allowance Bonus from Job Transfer Compo
Number of Pieces Weight Linear Dimensions Number of Pieces
First Class 3 32 kg per piece 158CM +2
Business Class 2 +2
Economy Class 2 23 kg per piece +2
  • * If Service Compo is requested in addition to Basic Compo, the free baggage allowance will increase even more.
  • * For ANA Group-operated international flight sectors only. Cannot be used for sectors which are not operated by ANA Group, domestic flight sectors (when tickets for the international and domestic sectors are issued separately), and sectors operated with aircraft which have fewer than 74 seats. (Flights which are operated by Air Do, Ibex Airlines, Solaseed Air, StarFlyer, and Oriental Air Bridge are not eligible, even if the relevant flight has an ANA flight number.) For details, please contact the ANA Compo Desk.
Overseas Job Transfer Family Support

To ensure greater peace of mind, assistance is provided at the airport to customers traveling with small children, elderly customers, children traveling alone, and customers who are pregnant.

◆ Eligible Customers

  • - One adult traveling with one or more children under 16 years of age.
  • - When only elderly passengers (aged 60 and over) or only expectant mothers are boarding.
  • - When Passengers aged 12-15 years (or aged 14-17 years for flights to Mexico City) are boarding a flight alone.

◆ Details of Services

Airport staff will escort you at the departure/arrival airport of your international flight which departs from Japan.


  • ・There is a limit on how many customers can use this service for each flight.
  • ・The services provided will differ depending on the itinerary and airport. Please contact the ANA Compo Desk for details.
  • ・In accordance with Mexico regulations, the minors under the age of 18 entering Mexico without their parent/guardian are required to prepare the official document.(Click here for more information)

STEP3 Calculate the Number of Service Compo Points

The number of points is determined by the fare and route.

After the flights for the actual ANA Mileage Club member and/or their family members have been confirmed, the points can be combined for use.

When planning to use an upgrade, please make the request for the pre-upgrade service class.

First Class and Business Class: Normal One-way Fare
Route Adult Child*
Europe, Continental United States, Canada, Mexico, India 10 points 6 points
Hawaii, Australia, Southeast Asia 5 points 3 points
Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan 3 points 2 points
  • * When using Child Discount Fares (2-11 years of age, infant under 2 years of age who occupy seat).
Economy Class: Normal One-way Fare
Route Adult Child*
Europe, Continental United States, Canada, Mexico, India 6 points 4 points
Hawaii, Australia, Southeast Asia 3 points 2 points
Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan 2 points 1 point
  • * When using Child Discount Fares (2-11 years of age, infant under 2 years of age who occupy seat).

STEP4 Use the points to select Service Compo options.

Please refer to the descriptions of each service option for their respective request deadlines and point requirements.

At online reservation of Job Transfer Compo, the number of Service Compo points will be calculated by the route and the class you input. Then, you can input the points at the next page, Service Compo Menu.

  • * Additions and changes to service options are not possible after the request has been made.
  • * Points which have not been used by the departure date are invalidated.

STEP5 Request Completed

After the request has been completed, a request number will be displayed.

  • * This request number is required when confirming, canceling, or inquiring about the request.

STEP6 Confirm Request Details

  • Customer who applied Service Compo options
    The ANA Compo Desk will send a document to you to confirm the details of the request.
    • * ANA Compo Desk will provide the relevant contact information for English Translation of the Maternal and Child Health Handbook, Certificate of Immunization, the Flower Service, Magazine Delivery Service and Bon Voyage Dinner Vouchers. Please contact those service vendors directly.
  • Customer who applied 6days or less prior to departure
    or Customer who didn't apply Service Compo options

    The ANA Compo Desk will call you to inform that the arrangement was completed.
  • If you made an online reservation after request deadline, The ANA Compo Desk will contact you to inform that your request is not eligible.

STEP7 Depart for Job Assignment

Enjoy a comfortable journey with ANA.

Other Services Available to Customers Transferring to Job Assignments Outside Japan

  • ■ I am traveling with small children and do not want to deal with baggage at the airport.
    ANA "TEBURA" Baggage Delivery Service (Text is available in Japanese only.)
    • * Not available with some fares.
    • * Only available for departures from Narita, Haneda, and Kansai airports. Not available when flying to destinations in the United States.
  • ■ I am traveling with small children and am concerned about getting to my connecting flight in time.
  • ■ I am worried about my young teenager traveling alone during the summer holidays.
    ANA Airport Support
  • ■ I want to travel with my infant. Can I borrow a stroller or a baby bed?
    Traveling with infants or small children

STEP8 Bonus Mileage Accrual

Bonus miles will be accrued at around the end of the month after the month of departure.

Customers who had entered their ANA Mileage Club membership numbers when requesting Job Transfer Compo services and have used their ANA Mileage Club account to accrue miles from their flight are eligible.

  • * Please be sure to make arrangements for miles from the flight to be accrued to the ANA Mileage Club membership number used to request Job Transfer Compo services within 2 weeks after using the flight.

Example of a Family Using Job Transfer Compo

Job Transfer Compo

Requests and Inquiries

Customers must join ANA Mileage Club in order to request this service.

ANA Compo Desk


Service Hours: 09:00-17:00 [JST; Not available on weekends, national holidays, and the year-end/New Year holiday period (December 29 to January 3).]

  • * Does not handle inquiries related to AFA service.