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ANA policy regarding customers with peanut allergies

The ANA Group also considers the safety of the meals provided to customers a top priority, and is currently making an effort to remove peanuts from the food and drink menus served on ANA Group-operated International and Japan domestic flights.*1 (However, other types of nuts excluding peanuts are used as ingredients for in-flight food and drink services.)

However, we cannot guarantee that peanuts will not get mixed in at some point during the cooking/manufacturing process or in the galley, nor can we prohibit all passengers from carrying/consuming peanut products on board. Needless to say, we cannot guarantee a 100% peanut-free cabin.


Passengers with peanut allergies are asked to be fully prepared for any situation that could potentially occur. Furthermore, passengers are asked to consult their doctor prior to their trip and to carry any prescribed medicine or shots (EpiPen, etc.) on board, so as to be prepared to take care of themselves in case they experience an allergic reaction.


Customers on ANA-operated international flights may also order our special allergen-free meals in advance. These meals are prepared in a way that prevents cross-contamination by allergens. Please place your order by the application deadline.

In addition, to accommodate those with peanut allergies, a special seat cleaning service*2 is available on ANA-operated international flights for all passengers requesting it in advance. Please call ANA and make your request at least 96 hours prior to the departure of your flight.

  • * 1

    Excludes codeshare flights. Please consult the operating airline for codeshare flights, as their policy may differ.

  • * 2

    The seats will be cleaned as thoroughly as possible (removal of dust around the seat, exchange of all seat pocket items, etc.), but allergens floating in the air or attached to the seats cannot be removed. Please also understand that there are cases in which the special cleaning service may not be performed due to changes in seating arrangements or aircraft equipment.

Handling for Allergies on Flights to/from Canada

If you have a disability caused by a severe allergy to peanuts, another nut variety, sesame seeds, an animal, etc., you can make a request for an allergy buffer zone to be established around you in order to avoid the risk of exposure to the relevant allergen as much as possible. For further details, please see Allergy Buffer Zones.

Requests for special in-flight meals are to be made separately after booking. For more details please see Special Meals.

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