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Changes/Refunds When Flight Delays or Cancellations Are Expected

You can change your flight or request a refund with no handling fees when your flight is expected to be delayed or canceled due to bad weather, etc., regardless of the actual flight status.
Depending on the type of flight ticket, you can change your flight or request a refund on the ANA website.

Tickets Purchased via the ANA Website, by Phone with ANA or at an Airport Counter

If you wish to change your itinerary or request a refund, you can do so even before departure from the button below.


If you change your flight to a different sector than originally reserved, or if you change the sector or route, you need to pay any public transportation fees yourself.
If the refund amount (fare, taxes, fees, etc.) is greater than the handling fee for changing flights, we will refund the amount minus said handling fees.
Please call ANA if handling fees have been incurred for refunds of fares, service charges, etc. although you have an applicable ticket.
Procedures may not be available depending on the type of flight ticket or the payment method.
The handling and where to make your request differs for international flight tickets (flight tickets for Japan domestic sectors with reservation numbers consisting of 6 alphabet characters and numbers). For details, please see Transfer Due to Bad Weather, Etc. [International Flights].

Flight Awards

Call ANA to change your flight or request a refund. (Handling fees paid in mileage will not apply.)

ANA Biz flight tickets (e-Tickets purchased through ANA Biz)

Package Tours / Group Tours / Others

Please contact the travel agency or airline through which you purchased your ticket.