Valuables, Fragile Items [Japan Domestic Flights]

This page provides information regarding carrying fragile items (clocks, glass products, etc.) or electronic devices (personal computers, cameras, etc.) on board. Please do not check in highly valuable items. ANA will not be responsible for any damage or loss of such items.

Valuables, Fragile Items

Expensive items such as cash, valuables, jewelry, securities, artworks, and antiques

Fragile items such as clocks, cameras, personal computers, bottles, and glass products

Other Valuables

Documents, (electronic) data, computers (PCs, etc.) and peripheral devices, cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, cell phones, travel documents such as passports etc., samples, cards, gold certificates, passbooks, checks, commuter passes, keys, watches, keepsakes, medicines

  • Considerable care is taken with the handling of baggage, but if fragile items such as ceramics, glass products, or alcohol happen to be damaged due to an inherent defect or property, ANA will not be liable.
  • ANA is also not responsible for damage arising from flaws inherent to the baggage, baggage damage or deterioration from excess weight and excess volume, loss of or damage to protruding items such as detachable wheels, straps, hooks, name tags, or belts, light damage (scratches, cuts, bumps, grime), and damage arising from TSA (Transport Security Administration) inspections. Thank you for your understanding.

Points to Note for Each Type of Baggage

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