Prince Hotels & Resorts

Prince Hotels & Resorts

Guests can choose the hotel that is perfect for them from Prince Hotels in Japan and overseas. Select from the flagship hotel brand "The Prince" which can be used for conventions and international conferences in addition to accommodation, the "Grand Prince Hotel" brand for multipurpose and multifunctional urban hotels, and the "Prince Hotel" brand for relaxing yet casual spaces. From cities to resorts, these three brands promise pleasant stays that meet a wide range of customer needs and usage purposes.

  • From your stay on April 12, 2022, customers can also earn miles at "Okinawa Prince Hotel Ocean View Ginowan".

Earning Miles

List of Hotels (Mileage per stay)

Hotel name Miles
The Prince Gallely Tokyo Kioicho 500
The Prince Park Tower Tokyo 500
The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo 500
Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa 300
Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa 300
Tokyo Prince Hotel 200
Shinagawa Prince Hotel 200
Shinjuku Prince Hotel 200
Sunshine City Prince Hotel 200
Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel
Kawagoe Prince Hotel 200
Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel 200
Kamakura Prince Hotel 200
Oiso Prince Hotel 200
Hotel name Miles
The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko 300
Ryuguden 300
Hakone Yunohana Prince Hotel 200
Hakone Sengokuhara Prince Hotel 200
Hakone En Cottage West 200
Hotel name Miles
Shimoda Prince Hotel 200
Sanyo-so 200
Kawana Hotel 300
Naogya Prince Hotel Sky Tower 200
Hotel name Miles
The Prince Karuizawa 300
The Prince Villa Karuizawa 500
Karuizawa Prince Hotel East 300
Karuizawa Prince Hotel West 300
Karuizawa Asama Prince Hotel 300
Tsumagoi Prince Hotel 300
Manza Prince Hotel 200
Manza Kogen Hotel 200
Shiga Kogen Prince Hotel 300
Naeba Prince Hotel 200
Hotel name Miles
Towada Prince Hotel 200
Shizukuishi Prince Hotel 200
Hotel name Miles
Sapporo Prince Hotel 200
Kussharo Prince Hotel 200
Kushiro Prince Hotel 200
Furano Prince Hotel 200
New Furano Prince Hotel 200
Hakodate-Onuma Prince Hotel 200
Hotel name Miles
The Prince Kyoto Takaragaike 200
Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima 300
Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel 300
The Hotel Seiryu Kyoto Kiyomizu 500
Hotel name Miles
Nichinan Kaigan Nango Prince Hotel 200
Hotel name Miles
Okinawa Prince Hotel Ocean View Ginowan 200

Other Conditions

Accrual Miles

200 - 500 miles per stay

Accrual Conditions
  • Only eligible for accrual when using ANA Mileage Club Member Accommodation Plans (Japanese).
  • * Usage of accommodation plans other than ANA Mileage Club Member plans is not eligible.
  • * Accommodation at group discount rates, partial discount rates, and payment by coupons are not eligible.
  • * Usage of ANA Traveler’s hotel and ANA Dynamic Package is not eligible for accrual.
  • Please see Mileage Accrual Terms and Conditions.
  • Mileage Accrual Method
Mileage Accrual Period
  • Please allow approximately 1-2 months to confirm mileage accrual after stay.
Retroactive Registration

Please contact the following for retroactive registration of mileage.

*For further details, please see Retroactive Mileage Registration.

Send retroactive mileage registration requests to

  • Prince Status Service Desk
  • TEL : 03-4334-7860
    09:00-17:00 (Not available on Saturday, national holidays, or the year-end/New Year holiday period.)
    3-1-5, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo


Prince Hotels & Resorts

Please use the toll-free number when dialing from outside Tokyo (03 area code).

(Available 24 hours a day, year round.)

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