Japan Domestic Flights Service - Economy Class -

Economy Seat (Economy class)

Passengers flying economy are accommodated with ground service.

STEP 1 Airport Procedure

Airport counter

・Customers who have reserved, purchased, and designated their seats may use the SKiP Service to skip the check-in process at the airport.
・Passengers paying or reserving seats at the airport, and passengers without a reservation, please use the Automated Check-in Machine.

STEP 2 Baggage Check-in

Baggage Tag

Checked baggage can weigh up to 20kg.

STEP 3 Security Checkpoint


・Please use the common security check point.

STEP 4 Boarding and Disembarking

Boarding and Disembarking

[About Boarding]
・Boarding will proceed after the elderly, passengers traveling with small children, expectant mothers, those who require help, and passengers flying premium class have boarded.

[About Disembarking]
・Disembark after passengers flying premium class.

STEP 5 Baggage Claim

Return of Baggage

・Pick up your luggage after passengers flying premium class and customers with strollers*.

* Any hand luggage you left with the stroller will be returned normally.