Restrictions on SKiP Service

Passengers falling under the category of [1] or [2] below cannot use the SKiP service. Please complete the necessary procedures at an airport counter or self-service check-in machine. You will need to pass through security at least 20 minutes prior to your departure.

[1] Passengers flying with the following fares:

Fare Eligibility for SKiP service
Premium Disability Discount △ *1 *2
Premium Shareholder's Benefit Discount  *1 *3
Disability Discount △ *1 *2
Shareholder's Benefit Discount  *1 *3
Islands Tickets △ *1 *2
AMC Companion Fare x
Other group discount x
  • *1 Passengers who purchased their ticket at ANA's domestic airport counter or through a travel agency can use the SKiP service.
  • *2 ANA Mileage Club members who have registered their customer information can use the SKiP service.
  • *3 At the time or after you purchase, please register both Shareholder's benefit number and password. By registering in advance, you can use the SKiP service.
  • * If you needs special assistance, please come to the counter.

[2] Passengers falling under the following categories:

  • (1) Not meeting the conditions for use of SKiP service
  • ◇ Not yet completed a SKiP Reservation (Reservation/Purchase/Seat Request)
  • ◇ Using any of the following tickets
    - Issued ticket
    - International ticket (including e-Ticket)
    - JAL ticket
  • (2) Traveling with a child or requiring other assistance
  • ◇ A passenger who needs special assistance, such as use of a wheelchair
  • ◇ A passenger traveling with an infant aged under 3 years (Please receive an infant ticket at an Automated Check-in Machine). *4
  • *4 A passenger who received a e-Ticket receipt for Infant when the ticket was purchased at ANA's domestic airport counter or any travel agency (certain limitations apply) can use the SKiP service.
  • ◇ A child aged 2 years or older but under 8 years who is not accompanied by a person aged 12 years or older at the time of reservation
  • ◇ Customers using the ANA Junior Pilot service
  • (3) Passengers with an itinerary with connecting flights falling under the following categories:
  • ◇ The reserved itinerary consists of four or more sectors.
  • ◇ The itineraries before and after the connection were booked separately. (SKiP service can be used for each sector.)
  • ◇ The passenger has separately reserved itineraries, each consisting of a flight departing from the same airport on the same day (except when the passenger is checking in using a 2D barcode).
  • (4) Other
  • ◇ The fare at purchase is different from the applicable fare at check-in.
  • ◇ If you made payment at Resona banka of Pay-easy compatible ATM for a reservation that includes both ANA Mileage Club members and non-ANA Mileage Club members, you cannot use the SKiP service.
  • ◇ The itinerary includes a flight operated by a JAL Group carrier.
  • ◇ For ANA Mileage Club members whose passenger information registration validity period has expired.

In addition to the above cases, the SKiP service may not be available when check-in is temporary suspended due to inclement weather, etc.

Service Eligibility Check

Customers with a reservation can check whether they are eligible for the SKiP service on the Reservation Confirmation screen on the ANA website. The SKiP service is available to customers who have a SKiP mark displayed next to their seat number.

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