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Premium Wine

In ANA Business Class (International Flights), you can choose from a carefully selected lineup of reds and whites from top caliber wineries from around the world.

  • Sample images. Service periods will differ depending on the route, aircraft type, etc.

ANA’s Premium Wine Selection

ANA's current wine selection was put together by staff involved with on-board services and external advisor sommeliers.
ANA brings you this exclusive selection with confidence. Savor the delicious marriage between these wines and cuisine.

Wines that passed an initial screening then went on to be marked at blind tastings in the final selection, and the entire selection process took around half a year. Wines that scored highly at the blind tastings by members of "THE CONNOISSEURS" such as ultimate wine masters Olivier Poussier (Best Sommelier in the World 2000) and Satoru Mori are served on board. This lineup strikes an exquisite balance between the bold individuality of each wine, and features brands from a variety of wine-producing several regions including Japan in addition to European classics.

Olivier Poussier

Olivier Poussier was selected as the Best Sommelier in the World in 2000.
He has served as sommelier at the prominent "La Tour d’Argent" and "Pavillon Ledoyen" restaurants in Paris. Poussier is now running a wine consulting firm.

Satoru Mori
(Andaz Tokyo / Hotel Toranomon Hills / Executive Sommelier / Beverage Director)

Satoru Mori handles activities to raise awareness of wines and to train younger sommelieras a managing director of Japan Sommelier Association (JSA). In 2017, he was recognized as a “Modern Master Craftsman” by a Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry. He leads the Japanese wine industry through his outstanding performance and winning at various sommelier competitions around the world and in Japan multiple times.