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At the Airport


Information is available here on procedures up to boarding, such as check-in and baggage screening, for passengers traveling in Premium Economy on ANA international flights.

Airport Procedures on Day of Departure (From Departure to Arrival)

  • STEP 1 Airport Procedure

    If you use online check-in, there is no need to go to the check-in counter.

  • STEP 2 Checking in baggage

    Fragile luggage checked in will be given a special tag or sticker.


    Please proceed to the baggage drop counter to check in your baggage. A baggage tag with Priority printed on it or a Priority tag will be attached to your baggage.

  • STEP 3 Security Check

    Baggage will need to be checked at the security checkpoint. There may be long lines depending on the airport and time of day, so please proceed to the security checkpoint with adequate time to spare.

  • STEP 4 Immigration

    You must present your travel documents. Immigration is completed at this step.


    Take some time to relax in one of our lounges before you depart.

  • STEP 5 Boarding and Disembarking

    Information is provided beforehand via announcements for smoother boarding and disembarkation.

    About Boarding

    For information on boarding order, please see Boarding Order.

    • Priority boarding is not available for premium economy passengers.

    About Disembarking

    Disembark after passengers flying first class and business class.

  • STEP 6 Immigration

    You must present your travel documents to proceed with immigration.

    Necessary documents may differ by the country. Please check in advance.

  • STEP 7 Baggage Claim


    Pick up your baggage after passengers flying in First Class.

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