Narita International Airport / Terminal 1 South Wing 1F International Arrival Lobby / information counter

Narita Airport International Arrival Lobby Information Counter Location
  • ◆ Limousine company
  •  Manzaki kotsu Phone 0120-454-787 / 0476-22-7964

Areas eligible for complimentary service

● Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Tokyo's 23 Wards / Machida / Hachioji / Musashimurayama / Haneda airport etc.
● Kanagawa Prefecture
Yokohama / Fujisawa / Kamakura / Yokosuka etc.
● Saitama Prefecture
Saitama City / Kawagoe / Koshigaya etc.
● Chiba Prefecture
All of Chiba Prefecture
● Ibaraki Prefecture
Hitachiota / Mito / Tsukuba etc.

  • ◆ Customers are responsible for paying additional charge to going across the complimentary service area listed above, toll of the toll road(*1), and expressway toll(*2). If you wish to know exact charges / tolls, please contact ANA HIre Desk.
    • *1 The Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line is a toll road.
    • *2 We will bear the first expressway toll within complimentary service area. If you use expressway more than twice, please pay expressway toll from the second charge.
  • ◆ Please pay any excess charges / tolls in the vehcle with Japanese yen in cash.
  • ◆ The areas may change.Please contact ANA Hire Desk to confirm that when you apply.

ANA Hire Desk
Phone <81>(0)3-5860-0761 Business hours / 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM (except Sundays,national holidays, Year end and New Year 29Dec - 3Jan)
Note: ANA's Welcome-Home limousine taxi sevice cannot be booked at travel agencies.