Collection via a Computer

  • *A PaSoRi card reader or a computer that is equipped with a FeliCa NFC reader is required.


Set up the FeliCa NFC reader or PaSoRi card reader, then visit the Rakuten Edy website. Go to the Edy Viewer page and select Edyギフト (Edy Gift).

  • *Click here for details regarding Edy Viewer.


A standby screen will be displayed. Place your Edy card or OSAIFU-KEITAI® (digital wallet) device on the reader.


The Edy Gifts that can be collected will be displayed. Please select the amounts you wish to collect.

  • *If selecting an amount will result in your Edy balance exceeding JPY 50,000, a 残高オーバー (Maximum Allowable Balance Exceeded) message will be displayed and the amount will not be able to be collected. Please try to collect that Edy Gift amount again after ensuring that your Edy balance after collection will be less than JPY 50,000.
  • *The name of the Edy Gift that can be collected (indicated as ANA電子マネー特典 (ANA E-money Award) in the sample screenshot) will correspond to the relevant promotion.


After confirming the Edy Gift amount to be collected, click 次へ (Next).

  • *Once an Edy Gift has been collected, the collection cannot be canceled. Please make sure that the details are correct.


After completing the collection procedures, the screen shown on the left will be displayed.