General Notes about Awards

Please review the points at the following links before using awards.

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How to Apply

ANA Website

After logging in, select Star Alliance Upgrade Reservation in the Partner Flight Awards menu to apply.

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Business Hours: 24 hours, open daily

  • * Please select "International flights" > "Award reservation" for the voice guidance.
The Americas

United States, Brazil



  • * Please select "International flights" > "Award reservation" for the voice guidance.
Other Countries and Areas

Application Deadline

  • Please apply by 24 hours prior to departure.
  • After applying for an upgrade, the seat in the originally reserved class of service will be canceled automatically.
  • *Please contact the operating airline to confirm the details of your application.


After reservation is confirmed, changes on passenger name, flight number, date, segment or class are not applicable.

Cancellation of Only the Upgrade

It is not possible to cancel only the upgrade. When canceling a Star Alliance Upgrade Award, the original reservation for the pre-upgrade class of service will also be canceled.

Changing an Itinerary

  • If the itinerary includes Star Alliance upgrade, whether upgrades are included in changed flights or not, Star Alliance Upgrade Awards must be canceled once. Please reserve again the Star Alliance Upgrade Award from the ANA website by 24 hours prior to departure after completing your reservation in the new itinerary.
  • The above procedure must be completed prior to the departure of the originally reserved flight in order to cancel an unused Star Alliance Upgrade Award. Mileage used for award redemption will be refunded and refund charges will be waived only if cancellation procedures are completed prior to departure. (This policy is the same as the one which governs mileage refunds for ANA international flight awards.) However, miles that have expired at the time of refund processing will not be refunded. Miles will not be refunded if the reservation is not canceled prior to the departure of the originally reserved flight.


  • Upgrade applications at the airport on the day of departure are not accepted.
  • The amount of miles that is required to redeem a Star Alliance Upgrade Award is deducted upon application of the waitlisting. However, a mileage deduction does not guarantee a confirmation of the application and might be cancelled depending on the number of available seats of the operating carrier.
  • Upgrade Points cannot be carried over to the following fiscal year (starting April 1) and have to be requested and used (day of departure) within the same fiscal year.
  • Miles of unconfirmed waitlisting applications (applications, which were cancelled by the operating airline) will be refunded within 10 days after the departure date. Miles, which are expired between application and departure date will be not refunded if the waitlisting cannot be confirmed by the operating carrier. ANA is not responsible for expired mileage.
  • Depending on the operating airline, there may be restrictions regarding eligible routes and periods, when waitlisting might be closed and not available.
  • An email will be send to the registered email account once the application is confirmed. For any inquiries, please contact the operating airline.

Eligible Flights

United Airlines

United Airlines


  • Even when the upgrade application procedures have been completed, an upgrade ticket and reservation number will not be issued. Please make sure to confirm the reservation with the operating airline.
  • This award is used for flights which are operated by Star Alliance member airlines. There may be cases when awards cannot be used due to IT system-related circumstances at the operating airline.
    We thank you for your understanding.
  • Board the upgraded class with the purchased ticket on the day of departure.
  • ANA International Upgrade Awards may be used in conjunction with Star Alliance Upgrade Awards for multiple flights within the same itinerary, however, not in the same flight.
  • Combined ANA Card Family Miles is ineligible for Star Alliance Upgrade Awards.
  • Customers who had requested their seats or special services (wheelchair assistance, special meals, etc.) in their original reservations must contact the operating airline to convey these requests again after applying for the Star Alliance Upgrade Award. Information for such customer requests are not automatically transferred when changing the class of service.
  • After applying for an upgrade, the seat in the originally reserved class of service will be canceled automatically.
  • Up to 4 passengers can be upgraded at the same time with 1 application.

Air Passenger Duty (UK) and Air Passenger Solidarity Tax (France)

For the following passenger taxes, the actual amount that is due will vary depending on the class of service. These taxes also apply to upgrades via mileage redemption.
For tickets which have already been issued, any differences in taxes and fees for the upgraded class of service must be paid at the airport.

Air Passenger Duty: Applicable to all passengers departing from airports in the UK.
Air Passenger Solidarity Tax: Applicable to all passengers departing from airports in France.

Please confirm the Terms and Conditions as well as the Application and Collection pages when using award tickets.