ANA Sorapass Class (Flight Support Class)

The ANA Sorapass Class is a lesson we offer to students at special schools in advance of school trips. We hope that it may be of use to you.

  • ANA Sorapass Classroom (Flight Support Classroom) period for 2022 is now accepting applications.

About the Initiative

ANA strives on a daily basis to realize "delightful, kind-hearted and comfortable skies for everybody" so that anyone, no matter who, can have a safe and comfortable flight.
As part of this initiative, we hold the ANA Sorapass Class for student wheelchair users and students with developmental disabilities. ANA Group employees visit schools to conduct an on-site lesson for students before they fly with us on school trips or group tours.

  • The ANA Sorapass Class may be held online as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.
  • We will implement appropriate measures to prevent infection to ensure safe and secure operation of the event.
    Please see ANA Care Promise for further details.

Special Schools (Schools for Special Needs Education)

Special schools are special needs schools that educate junior and senior high school students who have physical or intellectual/developmental disabilities. (Classes are available for the Tokyo metropolitan area and areas which can be reached by public ground transportation from Itami, Kansai, New Chitose, and Fukuoka airports in around one and a half hours.)

Lesson Content

Through classroom lectures and simulation, students can learn about the entire air travel process—from airport check-in to security, aircraft boarding, seating and disembarkation. The aim of the ANA Sorapass Class is to help dispel any worries or anxieties so that the students can enjoy a safe and comfortable flight.
In principle, one lesson is 60 or 70 minutes long.

Curriculum for Students with Physical Disabilities (One 70-minute lesson)

  • The air travel process, from check-in to security and time spent on board to disembarkation
  • Learn about the features of aircraft seats
  • Learn about the aircraft toilets
  • Practice using airport and cabin wheelchairs, etc.

Curriculum for Students with Developmental Disabilities (One 60-minute lesson)

  • In-flight safety initiatives
  • Aircraft boarding process
  • Security checkpoint simulation, etc.


ANA Group Employees

Terms & Conditions for Applying

  • You are due to fly or are considering flying with ANA on a school trip, group tour, or other such journey.
  • You can appoint teaching staff to act as the point of contact with ANA.
  • You can cooperate with us in providing mobility support, etc. in accordance with students' needs.
  • You can provide us with the required information to conduct lessons, including details of the students' disabilities.
  • You can cooperate with the carrying in and out of service equipment (aircraft seats, airport wheelchairs, and other items) and provide storage space, a classroom venue and a waiting room.
    • In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, please prepare a gymnasium or other facility with adequate space.
  • You can provide the necessary classroom facilities such as slide projection facilities (e.g., projector, screen, large TV, electronic whiteboard) and access to a power supply.
  • The appointed member(s) of teaching staff can meet with us beforehand and provide support in the classroom on the day of the lesson.
  • You consent to the recording of your ANA Sorapass Class and the use of the photographs on the ANA website, etc.
  • You understand the content of ANA's original Sorapass Book and video.
  • To cooperate in providing personal information necessary for procedures when a situation arises that requires property insurance coverage.
  • Equipment Being Carried In and Out / Storage

The equipment for the lesson is loaded, carried in/out of the venue, and stored on a trolley measuring 1,700 mm (height) x 1,100 mm (width) x 1,100mm (length) (external dimensions).

Request for the Day of the Lesson

  • To facilitate preparation and tidying up, we require access to the venue approximately 90 minutes before and after the lesson. We also require access to a waiting room 2 hours prior to the start of the lesson.
  • We ask that you complete a simple questionnaire to help us improve future programs.
  • No costs are borne by the school hosting the ANA Sorapass Class.

Holding Period

June 2022 - March 2023

How to apply

Please fill in the school information, desired date, information related to management, etc. on the application form and attach it to the e-mail to apply.

ANA Sorapass Class application form (only Japanese)
Email send to:

Application Deadline

Thursday, June 30, 2022

  • If you wish to hold the event in June, please send in the application form by the end of April.
  • The number of applications may be closed when the number of participants reaches the planned number.

Response time

We will contact you within two weeks after the application deadline to confirm whether the ANA Sorapass Class will be held or not.

Handling of Personal Information

When you apply, we ask you to agree to our handling of personal information. 
Please see "How ANA handles your personal information on its website" for further details.

Application Process

1. Application As the lesson is part of the school curriculum, please apply for the lesson in the school's name. Within 5 business days 2. Contact by ANA The Sorapass Office will contact you to confirm receipt of your application. After application period 3. Outcome of Application We contact you to confirm whether your application has been successful or not. (In the case of many applications, lottery) 4. Schedule Arrangements The class schedule is arranged individually. Approx. 1 month before the class, we will contact you to start arranging the class schedule. 5. Transport of Teaching Materials/Equipment You receive and store the materials/equipment. Approximately a few days to 1 week in advance 6. Lesson at School The materials/equipment are removed after the lesson is complete.


Please contact us by e-mail if you have any inquiries or would like to discuss the ANA Sorapass Class.

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