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Conditions for Attaining Premium Status for Members Who Often Use Life Solution Services

Members who fulfill all 3 of the following conditions during the applicable period will attain Premium Member Service status for 1 year from April of the following fiscal year: (1) The number of Premium Points earned through flights, (2) The number of Life Solution Services used, and (3) The amount for ANA Card and ANA Pay payments.

  • *

    Life Solution Service is a general term for the various services that people use in their daily lives and excludes those used on flights. One example of a Life Solution Service is shopping services.

  • *

    Premium Member Advance Service is not applicable when attaining status using Life Solution Service.

<Please take care>

  • Your use of services and payments before the end of the applicable period may not be counted toward your status for FY2025.

    ■Notes Regarding Life Solution Services Used

    Note that the meaning of "date of use" differs for each service.The "date of use" must fall within the applicable period to be counted toward your status for FY2025, so please check the conditions of each service via Eligible Life Solution Services in advance before using the service.

    <Examples of Services to Pay Attention To>

    • ANA Shopping A-style: The date of use is defined as the date the product is shipped, not the date the product was purchased.

    • ANA Mall: The mileage accrual date* is used as the date of use, not the date of purchase.

      • *

        Miles will be credited a miminum of 14 days after the shipment date of the ordered product.

    ■Notes on Using ANA Card

    Payment data for payments made using ANA Card before the end of the applicable period may not be received and as a result may not be counted toward your status for FY2025.

    Example: If you use your ANA Card at Store A on December 15, 2024, but the payment data from Store A is received by the credit card company in late January 2025, the payment will not be counted toward your status for FY2024 and will instead be counted toward your status for FY2026.

The 3 Conditions and Applicable Periods for attaining status in FY2025

  • All conditions (1 to 3) must be fulfilled during their respective applicable periods.

  • For Condition 2, the requirements and check method vary by service. Please see Eligible Life Solution Services for further details.

Condition 1

Premium Points earned in the year (only those earned through ANA Group-operated flights)

January 1 - December 31, 2024
Condition 2 Number of Life Solution Services used December 16, 2023 - December 15, 2024
* ANA Card Miles Plus varies by credit card company.
Condition 3 Total amount for ANA Card and ANA Pay payments December 16, 2023 - December 15, 2024

Eligible Members

ANA Mileage Club members who have an ANA Card that was issued in Japan

If you do not have an ANA Card, please confirm the details below and then request one.

Conditions / Benefits

For information on the details that can be confirmed on each page and their results display timings, please see Confirming the Results of Your Usage of Life Solution Services.


  • For details on the number of Life Solution Services used, please see Eligible Life Solution Services.

  • For details about the total amount for ANA Card and ANA Pay payments, please see Eligible Payment Amount.

  • Members fulfilling all the 3 conditions will be informed via an email in March 2025.

  • Members who fulfill both of the conditions below for attaining Premium Status will be granted a higher status.

    • Achieve Premium status based on Premium Points alone

    • Achieve Premium status based on Premium Points and Life Solution Services

  • Please refer to the ANA Privacy Policy for details regarding the use of personal information.

  • If a member violates the ANA Mileage Club Terms and Conditions, ANA Pay Terms and Conditions, or any other terms and conditions of ANA or when ANA deems that there is a possibility of such violation, the relevant member will not to be granted Premium Status.

  • If it is deemed that a member has attained Premium Status fraudulently, their membership status may be revoked in accordance with the ANA Mileage Club Terms and Conditions.

  • Benefit details and applicable conditions are subject to change without notice.

  • ANA Pay (touch pay) is also eligible. (Text is available in Japanese only.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Have you changed the existing conditions for attaining Premium Status?

    We have added new conditions to the existing ones for attaining Premium Status. If it was difficult for you to attain Premium Status only through boarding flights, you may now attain Premium Status through the use services in daily life and so your chance to attain Premium Status has increased. 

  • How can I confirm my status in fulfilling the relevant condition?

    You can confirm it from the Performance Report page.
    To confirm the total amount spent on services thus far during the applicable period, you need to aggregate the payment amounts shown on the statements from the relevant credit card company by yourself.

    For JCB:please confirm your transactions on MyJCB (Japanese site).

    For Sumitomo Mitsui Cards (Visa/MasterCard):please confirm your transactions on Vpass (Japanese site).

    For Diners Cards:please confirm your transactions on Club Online (Japanese site).

    For American Express:please confirm your transactions on the American Express online services (Japanese site)

    Amount for ANA Pay Payments

    You can check your transaction history on the ANA Pay screen in the ANA Mileage Club app.
    See here for how to check your transaction history (Japanese site).
    See here for details about ANA Pay (Japanese site).

  • I have multiple ANA Cards, will the payment amounts be added up?

    If you have multiple eligible cards and they are combined under a single mileage account, the payment amounts for the ANA Cards will be aggregated.